How to Find Bomb Proof Gear For Your Outdoor Adventure?

Bomb proof gear because at times the road literally looks like it has been hit by a bomb!

It is December 1 2010, at 12:13pm. The short tempered, explosive, we are everywhere, terrorist sky glistens in suspense, as tropical shrapnel rays of sharp crisp sunshine ricochet through the villainous ocean top gaining velocity as the day advances into the trenches of the afternoon Malaysian humidity. The vehicle is a ‘hooded gangster up to no good’ dark green magic bicycle equipped with a rap sheet of 20,000km of world rolling experience and a long criminal history of destroying gear during outdoor adventures. The accomplice is a solo female bicycle tourist sporting a ‘not even Asama Bin Laden could destroy my gear’ kind of confidence. The accomplice is notorious for conspiring with terrorist type magic bicycles and plotting elaborate international outdoor adventures and considers her motive to be classified due the severity of the problem. The explosion takes place on a downhill section of a heavily trafficked coastal road in northern Malaysia. A giant pot hole detonates; the magic bicycle has been hit. Ortlieb panniers/bicycle bags that have been loosely locked to the back rack implode in seconds and bounce, drag and scrap over the unapologetic road as the accomplish clenches the handle bars and narrowly avoids a road side fatal injury. The Ortlieb panniers bicycle bags prove to be bomb proof and weather the attack relatively unscathed considering the magnitude of the blast, although, had the pannier attachment clips for the rear rack not succumbed to the blast, the capricious incident could have been avoided altogether.

How To Find Bomb Proof Gear For Your Outdoor Adventure?
Ortlieb Panniers/bicycle bags…these panniers prove out time and time again, they come with a lifetime warranty and replacement parts and clips can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the world. Ortlieb panniers are 100% waterproof, and slightly breathable therefore condensation inside the bag does not become an issue. My attachment clips have come 20,000 kilometers and have only now started to give way. I have mine secured with a back up piece of string in the likely case of other pot hole assignation attempts, replacement clips are also available. My 2 classic small size Ortlieb pannier/bicycle bags cost $220 USD in America. They originate in Germany and are available worldwide, however in Australia and New Zealand the costs can become prohibitive. For world wide locations on where to purchase Ortlieb panniers bicycle bags click here
Vaude Panniers/bicycle bags are less expensive and have a similar design. They are not as breathable therefore condensation can accumulate in humid climates. This is easy to deal with by opening up the bags at night and airing out the contents more frequently. For more info on where to find vaude panniers click here

Handmade handle bar bag on the front is hanging strong, it has come through the winter in New Zealand and the tropics. I have oiled the zipper a few times and that is about it.
Make Your Own Panniers/bicycle bags. Cut the arm straps off of an old backpack, tie to the back rack of the bicycle with rope or a bungee cord and off you go! My third pannier that sits on top of the rack is a light weight Seal To Summit dry bag it cost $28USD in Australia. My front handlebar bag is made from the top of an old backpack that I purchased in Nepal. I strap it on to the handlebars with the webbing that came from the backpack. It cost me next to nothing and works like a charm. For more ideas on how to make panniers/bicycle bags yourself click here

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