How Long Is Too Long For A Bicycle Tour?

The grass is always greener, I reason to myself as I find myself missing family and friends back home.  The nephews and nieces, who have learned how to walk, run and dance in my absence. My friend´s new homes I have never visited.

Recently, I realized that although I love bicycle touring´s simplicity of eat, sleep, cycle, wake up and do it again, at times the lifestyle lacks intimate human connection. Time alone is a good thing,  I reason with myself but perhaps 4 years solo is just too long. And, I do look forward to the day when I am not just a voyeur, only sharing a quick smile as I cycle by. I have tackled the lonesome blues, more times than I can remember. When I was hit by a bus and miraculously not injured, I realized that we all get only one life. One short great exciting life to do everything we ever wanted to do.  By turtle speed on a pedal bike, to cycle a line that rounds the world is what I wanted to do, could I have not chosen a shorter, easier goal.   Only ¾ of the way around the world, let me be the first to admit that I am loosing my momentum. My unending curiosity, the fuel that propels my legs to push the pedals has finally started to fade. Could I have not chosen a smaller planet to try to pedal? I have to laugh at my overly zealous self. 

But that is exactly the point, is it not? No matter what this crazy world brings us, are we not supposed to laugh as much as possible and cherish our loved ones.  This morning on facebook, I got both, when my oldest friends from home sent me these cartoon images. Please enjoy today´s laugh as we all ponder is 4 years too long for a bike tour?


AmiiAmor said...

Thank you for touring and sharing... You are an inspiration.

Suze said...

Yes, I agree you are absolutely an inspiration. Sometimes the greatest goal can to figure out how to go home when it's time. Be well, happy pedalling...around the world or at home.

Anonymous said...

You are a legend and I enjoy your blogs so funny and witty,perhaps you need to have a 3 month break and lay on a couch and not move,this may get the heart fluttering again for the road .

Hugs from OZ.

Anonymous said...

bless ya!

Unknown said...

Dearest Loretta,
life is not playing out between our birth and death, life is this breath and this breath only. With it we have a direction towards the future, but we have no debt to our past or duty to fulfil past ambitions, nor can we assume there will always be time for meaningful expression and connection later.
If cycling on is the best use of this breath, then do it, but when it becomes more about the goal than the journey, it may be time to enjoy some of the other meaningful parts of this wonderful life.
You are incredible, not because of what you've done, but because of what you do, and who you are, which carries part of the you that started this journey and part of the you that changed each day. Do not tie yourself to who you used to be, be now, be you, you lose nothing by being true to yourself in the present. You are loved.

icingcake said...

Even superwomen need some rest eheh

'quiting' and reflecting and resuming, is part of the trip and the challenge

Neil and Harriet Pike said...

We have met people who have definitely been on the road too long and you just want to tell them to go home. They seem not to see anything and be miserable. A short stay at home is often enough to make you value cycle touring more and reinvigorate you for another stint on the road. Take Care Harriet

Mike Brockie & Judy Yeoman said...

Well done Loretta. As others say regularly, you are an inspiration to us all.But maybe a break isn't such a bad idea. After a modest 18 months touring on our tandem we were ready to come home to New Zealand. The lure of family and friends was strong, and like you we were aware that there was a lack of depth to the conversations we had with many of those we met (other cyclists were often the exception). Now, after only a month home, we are getting the urge to resume cycling somewhere, anywhere. Taking a break doesn't need to mean it's all over. It may be just a chance to rekindle the enthusiasm.

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