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This page of the website is a work in progress but hey aren't we all! Scroll down to enjoy slide shows by country. It took cycling a crossed a dozen countries to develop my love of photography. Trust me on this, the early photos (at the way-way bottom) aren't worth look'in at, unless you have lost your glasses or had too much to drink and are suffering from impaired judgement. However, check back often, I continue to add photos of new countries when I pedal into areas with internet that will let me do that sort of thing.

Up next? I am presenting pedaling in Ethiopia, Eastern Africa. I am also loving my new camera, Nikon L120.  The last one experienced shak'in baby syndrome and Pandemic The Unstable Magic Bicycle shook it to death.
All photos are taken by Loretta Henderson. is copyright Loretta Henderson. All material has been used with permissison is copyright original source. High-res prints are available on a donation bases. Donations go towards the bicycle ambulance project.
Scroll down and enjoy the slide shows! 
 Malawi Slideshow


Other Slide Shows?...Have you lost your glasses or had too much to drink and are suffering from impaired judgement? If the answers is yes, then these slide shows below are for you.


You might need another drink, I suggest a strong one if you are still looking at these

New Zealand

and if you are STILL looking at these, please remember you are not alone and rehab has worked for many people. I suggest twelve stepping your way back up top to the decent photos!

England, Wales, Ireland 

What can I say here, I had never bike toured or cycled before and I was far too busy contemplating how I had spent the last two years reading about bike touring and becoming reasonably confident that reading doesn't qualify as physical training. Therefore, after pedaling out the door of the bike shop, I didn't take many photos and spend most of my time loving my new magic bicycle, learning to cycle and saying OUCH while laughing at the crazy pain in my neck all the way from England through Wales to Ireland.

Cheers, I hope you have had some fun checking out the photos!

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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