Twelve Stepping My Way Back From Isolation in Alaska

It’s time to go see the world, go have a look around. After all The New York Times (NYT) Pocket World Atlas told me to. And the NYT pocket world atlas people always know what’s up, don’t they? Well I think they do. Anyone who publishes a book of world locations and paints them pretty colors then adds plane routes, fun travel facts and visa requirements is certainly a A+ in my book. It’s like a grade school for the traveler that teaches all the necessary tools that freely pave the way for the imagination to travel. Who doesn’t want to visit the newly available tourist destination of Turkmenistan, the place with a ridiculously hard name to pronounce or the tiny islands in the south pacific that don’t require a visa. This solo female cyclist fresh out of isolation in Alaska certainly does. Purchasing my new bike is Step 1. of the twelve step plan stepping my way back from isolation in rural Alaska. Step 2. will be to drink a pint of Guiness after I peddle to Ireland. Step 3. Oh, probably another pint Guiness!

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