"KAVU revolves around doing what you love out in nature's playgrounds, from deep wilderness to your local park..." I absolutely agree. And, my no longer crusty sun baked nose says thanks , crossing the sunny Sahara desert

In a great visor amongst the camels has never been so much fun!

The original Buff Headwear has got to be the most versatile all weather piece of gear that I carry in my panniers. I've covered up from the sun, hail, snow, frost and rain. I have worn a buff on my head, face, wrist and one time for fun I pulled one on as a skirt. Great colors, materials and styles are available from buyobuff.com


Sleeping well with help from Cocoon. I can't say enough about their air light pillows and silk sleeping systems! Thank you
When I was hit by a bus going 94km/58mph but somehow uninjured, some said that my shredded panniers acted like airbags, others claimed my Ortlieb panniers must of been my angels. All I know for sure is when I called NRG Enterprises, they could not have been more supportive and sent me a second pair of new back roller classic panniers and a travel bag rack p├áck. Wishing you guys in Nelson, BC, Canada, a big ol´e flying angel thank you! 

Oh-la-la Trifosi shades! Right when I
thought I would be squinting my way
through Patagonia here comes a great
pair of sunglasses. I appreciate it


After my mountain hardware skyledge 2.1 suffered an untimely pole and zipper death in Africa, Hilleberg provided me with a new tent. I can't wait to sleep in my new home. Thanks!

Jacks R Better makers of ultra-light weight sleeping quilts.  My high sierra sniveler is going to work out well while winter cycle touring in Patagonia.
Icebreaker's thanked me for sharing the icebreakers love and like most great relationships, I assured them it was mutual. 

Recently,  I received an e-mail, it was a questionnaire that a bicycle touring website gives to women cyclists.  They wanted to know how many pairs of panties I am packing in my panniers.  I told them that my "be the adventure" panties where none of their business.  However, if they wanted to know what kind of PANNIERS I was packing I would love to talk about it. So here it is.  I love my Ortlieb panniers and if you must know, YES, they really do keep my panties safe, completely dry  and condensation free in all conditions.  

Thanks Wilderness Supply for the dry bags and stuff sacks. You certainly know how to make getting robbed alot fun!


Positive Cycology is a lifestyle brand dedicated to kindness and compassion for all people who share the road through apparel, accessories and campaigns. Promote kindness on the road. Shop our store. Pass It On.

Thank you to the people who share their homes and lives with me as I travel---The sweet oversized Pakistani man who guarded my door all night as he slept spilled over into a broken plastic chair with his AK 47 slumped by his side. The Iranian guest house owner who on my behalf said good bye to the 9 well meaning military bodyguards and the Ethiopian prostitutes with who I stayed up laughing all night long after I was mistaken for a porn star.  And to all of you for purchasing t-shirts and making individual donations.

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Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"

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