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Is She Pack'in?  My gear that keeps my travelling by bicycle after 3 years 33,000 km (at best guess) of continuous touring. What gear works best for you? I would love to know, FB, Twitter.  

Tips On Light Weight Bicycle Touring

Recently,  I received an e-mail, it was a questionnaire that a bicycle touring website gives to women cyclists.  They wanted to know how many pairs of panties I am packing in my panniers.  I told them that my "be the adventure" panties where none of their business.  However, if they wanted to know what kind of PANNIERS I was packing I would love to talk about it. So here it is.  I love my Ortlieb panniers and if you must know, YES, they really do keep my panties safe, completely dry  and condensation free in all conditions. And the best part of it all? If you shop here at it doesn't cost you anything extra the money goes towards the bicycle ambulance project.

Escaping from the hail on top of a Himalayan mtns, pass.  That ugly hat/buff thing I bought for 3USD. I was going to use it to either blow my nose or wipe the ice of off Pandemic The Magic Bicycle's chain. It got stormy, so I put it on my head. Unfashionable but hell'a warm. What works for you? Comment below, I would love to know.

Other Girly Girl Gear For Guys Too Resources

Across Continents The most comprehensive gear list in (downloadable pdf format)  I have ever come across for a bicycle tour.

WOW(women on wheels) Helen's Take On Africa bicycle equipment review after 25,000km.  These Alaskan women are reviewing gear on all sorts of outdoor adventures.  Fun Stuff!

Cycling The Six Bicycle touring the six continents for 5 years. What works and what does not? What would he have left at home? His lightweight, triple use, poncho/rain fly/ground sheet is great.

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