Ssshhhh, I Can’t Hear You…Why I Love My MSR Whisper Lite Stove

The MSR int’l whisper lite might lack the glimmer of a low simmer but boil it will in a record breaking spill

 No need to buy the primus for surely all those fuel cartridges will cause an international fuss

Up in flames she went due to my unattended head, I screwed the cap on wrong, for I must have been thinking about a bong

To no avail, she recovered from my fail and she still burns great even if you’ve cycled all day and it’s getting late

Pasta on demand in a quick boiling camp pan, I am stumped for a better nutritional plan

High altitude passes and the Gobi desert she has gone and even then this stove hasn’t gone wrong

Her silent ways have been proven with every cent well spent even packed tight into a pannier you won’t find a dent

What’s that you say? You want one today but sssssh I can’t hear you. For the whisper lite is always right even if the operator is fresh from a rain soaked bicycle touring night

Special note: Just so you know, I am unsponsored by MSR and enjoy writing about things that have proven to work from almost 3 years of continuous bicycle touring through 18 countries.  However, the bicycle ambulance project is on my mind. If you shop at through this website it doesn’t cost you anything extra and I receive a small amount, about 1% of the sale. The money will go towards the purchase of a bicycle ambulance and will be given to a community in Namibia when I arrive by bicycle. The profits from the Be The Adventure T-shirts also go towards the bicycle ambulance project. If you shop at anyway, a big thanks to you for remembering to shop through the icon on the right sidebar.

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