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The folks in Rehoboth where the BEN Namibia bicycle ambulance bike shop is located received the donations. It will be used towards education in collaboration with outreach programs. 

 A community bicycle shop that builds bicycle ambulances and builds bike to sell to the community. The bike shop funds the adjacent soup kitchen and community services building.

THANK YOU from the Bicycle Ambulance Project!


Are You In Or Are You Out?

A special thanks to everyone for purchasing a t-shirt (SOLD OUT) and appearing here IN theirs.  I’ll be donating the profits towards a bicycle ambulance when I arrive by bicycle to Namibia. T-shirts (free int'l shipping) can be purchased by clicking the donate button over on the ride side bar.

Meet the artist, professional cartoonist and t-shirt designer Cuyler Black, this Donnie Osmand look a like is definitely IN.

A Special Thanks To The Cough Surfing Cook, The Who? Wylie Goodman is an inveterate traveler, curious foodie, determined home cook, dedicated backyard vegetable gardener, itinerant baker, wanna-be-restaurateur, and proud graduate of the restaurant management program at the French Culinary Institute and future bicycle tourist. She started couchsurfing in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since, although she has been looked at and asked, when she tells people what she does. The CouchSurfing Cook documents her adventures hosting people in her Brooklyn apartment and asking them to share recipes with her. 

Thanks everyone!
Only a few L, X-L and XX-L T-shirts left!

Fruition Bakery
Paige Leirman
Jennie Baillie 
J Addis
Tanya Kerrison
Matt Ingram
Julie Clancy
Kristy Hill
Nathan Mawkes

Thanks Carrie May For the Donation

Enjoy sailing the Adaman Sea In Your 
Be The Adventure T-shirt                   

 Buy CutcoCutlery Here From Blade Slinger Juliana but watch out folks not only is she  IN she also has a knife.


A huge thanks to everyone for the support and for throwing a few bucks or euros in the hat  towards the bicycle ambulance project, for purchasing the fundraiser t-shirts and sharing the news with family and friends. Especially to Patti Henderson, my cousin and "family publicist" for her continued kindness, hard work and loyal support.

Guthrie Straw

Diane Rennie
Iain Banfield
Joanne Board
Thomas Kees
Philippe duchemin
Tara Weir
Heidi Merriman
Antje Gittel
Tiffany Tan
 Ralph Johnson
Thomas Kees
Philippe Duchemin
Karla Hart
Tisch Brown
Doug Hecklinger
Shirley Inglis
Sure Net Inc.
Patrick Gill
Gary Henderson
Ralph Johnson
Katie Henderson
Jessica Forbes
Sarah Malloy
Bruce Miller
Andrew Henderson
Patti Henderson
Kevin Oshaughnessy
Juliana Adler
Carrie May
Tara Morris
Jeff Pinsky
Gary Leon
Mariah Rose Zackar
Mindy Juliana
Joanna DeBiase

The biggest thanks of all to my Dad for hand writing thank-you notes, sending t-shirts out of his basement and being an all around super cool guy!

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"

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