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I am convinced despite having only met 3 so far that solo female cyclists travelling alone by bicycle are growing in numbers, after all some of the best bicycle touring books have been written by women on wheels, Dervla MurphyJosie Dew and the late, great remarkable Anne Mustoe to name just a few.  Therefore, I am putting a shout out to all the solo female cyclists who have ventured off alone by bicycle to connect and share your experiences for cycling solo as women is a unique celebration in it’s self. Ladies, have you cycled a day ride solo? Has your partner stayed home and you ventured off alone? Entered a cycling race perhaps? Or undertaken a bicycle tour near home or overseas? Please send photos, blogs, suggestions to

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After 40 years of working, in celebration of her retirement, Elaine set off on an epic British adventure on her bicycle! You have got to love her answers in this interview! Congrats on your retirement Elaine! 

It is amazing how one's confidence builds in time and - after reading your book - I suddenly noticed that I was in some ways part of the neat community that you have built. I am currently in Tbilisi with intentions of cycling to Australia in the indefinite future. I have a trusty steed, tightly packed panniers and no particular deadlines. Alice Bentley

My reason for cycling changes on a daily basisMy name is Joanna Kaszewiak and I'm from Poland. In July 2016 I started a bike trip from Poland to Asia. My final desination is South-East Asia. I'm cycling on my own but was joined by a friend (a girl) for some time in the summer. Currently I'm in Turkey. I got inspired to cycle by another girl cycling solo, then I found WOW Wall and discovered there are so many great women out there. I am honoured to be pinned to your Wall :-)  You can find more about my trip on my blog. -Joanna

Me and my Pelago bicycle are on a break from our 12,000 KM trip through Latin America. I'm now in Finland, but will continue cycling in September. The adventure will continue in Europe. Sissi Korhonen

’I’m Fredrika. I’m from Sweden. And I’m in love with pedaling my bicycle. Or well… I’m in love with the places, people, adventures and all the unforgettable stuff pedaling my bike leads to. Nothing in this world gives me the same sense of freedom as loading my panniers with food, water and (of course) crazy amounts of chocolate, and then pedal away on some road to small to exist on any map. I still feel like I’ve just gotten started on my world tour, and I’m so ridiculously excited to know - that I really DON’T know - what’s in store for me these upcoming couple of years.’ 

"My name is Anna and I just recently graduated college in the U.S. Growing up in Germany, I always loved traveling and experiencing new people, food or scenery. After four years in New York, I felt like I didn't know a lot about the United States, so I decided to turn my cheap road bike into a touring bike and start touring across America. On this adventure, I am not planning on following any of the major bike routes, but rather old high ways and smaller streets that will take me into little towns and neighborhoods that haven't seen any bicycle tourists. So far, this rather adventurous approach has paid off, because people have welcomed me into their homes and showed me around their areas a great deal. I am planning on being on the road for at least seven months so that I can cover about 8000 miles. However, I am already contemplating to extend my tour and ride through more states. You can follow my adventures on my facebook page"

" My name is Lydia, and I am geek about food and how it's grown. I want to better understand the agricultural situation of South and Central America from the view of my bicycle. This is a view hopefully slow enough to allow serendipity to lead me to people and organizations that will share their experiences with me. I’m curious to see how the changing circumstances created by global climate change and global markets are affecting the possibility to live as a small farmer. I hope you will join me on my journey and that we experience the power of breaking bread together!

Megan took a career break back in the fall of 2012 to become a professional day dreamer (and travelling yogi), after three years of traipsing around the world she managed to travel to more than 35 countries in 6 continents!  After backpacking and city hoping, it was clear that long epic trip that required nature and physical activity, she walked 900 km across the Camino Frances in Northern Spain, followed by cycling 6700 km across Canada, solo and self-supported. An avid photographer, advocate for the environment and lover of picnics in the park, you can read all about her adventures, photographs and musings, on her blog.

Not only is Snezana Radojicic (Serbian Website) a solo female world cyclist, she is also a writer and the only women from the Balkans to cycle around the world.  On a budget of $10/day, after a break-up with a boyfriend that she met on CGOAB, she began touring alone. Since 2012, she has learned it is a big effort to tour solo but has taught herself to not be afraid to wild camp. Bicycle touring is her way of life, staying a few months in some countries to learn about local people and customs. Snezana reports that her greatest challenge so far has been cycling at 5614 meters above sea level on the Annapurna circuit in Nepal.

“Originally from Brazil, I started my cycling experience after doing the St. James Way, a long hiking journey through Spain, last year. After such a strong experience of freedom and meeting other interesting people who also value freedom, including some cyclists, I decided to give it a try :o) I really like the tempo and simplicity of cycling. It feels very organic to be propelled by my own energy, while feeling the air and everything that happens around me without any separation from it” Leila

"Valeu a pena? Tudo vale a pena, se a alma não é pequena."

"Was it worth it? Everything is worth it if our soul is not small." (Fernando Pessoa - Portuguese Poet)

“Hello, I’m Kelly! This year I am set to embark on an adventure I have never attempted before; bicycle touring. Around September time I plan to head to Iceland where I will spend around 4 weeks pedaling my way around the country, wild camping and cooking my own food as I go. I've set a target of spending no more than £1000 on the entire trip. So far it's turning out pretty cheap - I'll soon be handed over a free bike and gear - a bike which has already ventured through Spain and will soon be headed across Germany – and there’s a chance I’ll be given free hostel accommodation at the start and end of the ride. The question is, just how cheap can I make this trip? I should also mention that I've pledged to raise £500 for TREEAID to aid in the planting of 1 million trees and any money left over from the £1000 will be going straight to the cause.  I’ve never travelled alone before, am yet to experience my first puncture. Follow my journey on” 

"My name’s Baerbel, I’m a world cyclo-bum from Austria. I want to ride my bike, cook one-pot meals on wood fires and sleep under the stars in my hammock. I did not plan my route ahead of time. The important thing for me isn’t "where to?" but "how to?”. I find my equipment at second hand stores. I don’t take airplanes. I recycle and reuse everything. I find food in nature and in the dumpsters of supermarkets. In 3 years, 3 months, I’ve made it almost around the world, cycling on land and hitchhiking on sailing boats across the oceans...Many smiles and bike-love!"

“Thank you so much for the WOW Wall. It is a great source of inspiration as I sit here, 4:27am in Fiji, unable to stop reading everything I can get my hands on about my upcoming bike tour. I'm 22 yrs old, just graduated from college with a degree in Folklore & Mythology, a Language Citation in Arabic, and a head full of questions. I lucked my way into a postgraduate traveling fellowship that supports me for a year of solo travel. I’ve been collecting stories about water and climate change. Tomorrow AM I leave for New Zealand, at which point my bicycle will become my main mode of transportation for the rest of the year…” Devi Lockwood

"My name is Shirine,  I'm on a quest for beautiful mountains and untouched cultures, the bicycle has proven to be my key into both of those things!   I'm a twenty year old gal cycling around the world. During the last nine months I have cycled the highest passes in the world (Northern India), slept in a slum, and stayed in rural farming villages in far western Nepal I didn't even know still existed. Maybe our wandering trails will someday cross! I love how you have set up a page for solo females, people tend to think we are a bit nuts don't they?"

Crazy Girl On A Bike? Stephanie wrote to say “Thank you for this WOW page. It is very inspiring to see how many girls are cycling on their own out there” Stephanie’s blog is written in French. Her photos are sure to inspire other men and women to pedal out the door. Here’s the one she took after arriving in Ushuaia, more than 23000 km after leaving Canada.

The Wall's Youngest member Bianca is far deserving of an award for inspiring young cyclists, at 12 before she even started high-school, she cycled the southern USA trailed by her Dad. Pavel (her Dad) says "he was in the way back slowing her down",  Bianca says "I only learned to ride a bike at 10 years old And I only got my own bike last summer. It wasn’t the best, it was a hundred dollar target bike. But to me it was much more, it was freedom in it’s simplest form, at least that’s what it seemed like". Prior to the journey Pavel was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma, though he said he's more energetic than he's been in years. He says he wanted Bianca to have a strong sense of herself so she wouldn’t be afraid to do things. Bianca’s amazing cycling accomplishments even made the news!

"I knew what I wanted to do, it was just hard to bite the bullet and actually do it! Deep down inside I’ve always wanted to go explore the world on bike and do a long distance trip.  Before this, I had done a week, two, 4 weeks was my longest.  I don’t know a ton about bikes, I just LOVE to pedal.  I have an incredible amount of energy, a strong drive and I’m also down right stubborn.  If there is something I want to do, I won’t stop until I’m there…I’ve been on the road for 11 months now, cycled 27,000 km through 4 continents and 25 countries.  I’m currently in Montana, headed up to the Canadian Rockies… "

“Hola! Greetings from West Germany! Great to have the chance to meet other women on tour”  Tanja
"My name is Sandrine and I’m a French woman. Next year 2015, I’ll cross Canada by bike from Vancouver to Montreal on My Happy Canada Tour (FB Page)! I wish to be one of these women on wheels and write my own story. I would never have launched into this adventure if it weren’t for the inspiration I get from other solo female cyclists on the WOW (Women On Wheels)!"

Putting Metal to the Pedal: Cycling Route 66 with Love Hope and Strength is a book about Lydia Franklin’s intrepid 28 day cycle tour in the USA. Covering 100 miles a day she completed the trip with a rock gig with Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighter’s fame. Lydia says “I never had any problems with people... in fact because I was solo and female they were more willing to chat/help/support the ride” 

I was delighted when Rachel Banfield got in touch with me via email ( to let me know that the WOW Wall was great resource for reassuring her mom of her plans. Rachel’s a photographer, currently she is in China documenting the stories of inspiring women she meets along the way! Find her on her beautiful photography website or facebook page!

Astrid Fisher, a pharmacist by profession, is cycling around the world working on route as a dive master. She says "I knew living in cities would never satisfy my desire for outdoor activities" 

"I just found great to read and see all the great photos and blogs etc. of other female solo cyclists...Inspiring!" Rebecca Milton-Lee

"We have just returned from cycling in Zimbabwe for a month. Times are tough in Zimbabwe but they are ALL friendly, kind and helpful people. Cycling is a great way to travel as you get to see things and meet people that other travelers miss. We loved it so much that we are planning to cycle Malawi next year!" 

                                                         Judy Burrows and Debbie Thomas from South Africa

"I'm a french Canadian woman for two years, from 2006-2007, I biked with my ex. I have decided to hit the road again and to not be scared or wait for someone else to go along with your life with no regrets. If you are told that it's impossible, do it and you will see how easy it is! I love being solo. I will be on the road for a year (2014-2015) heading east, who knows where I will end this trip" Genevieve Fortin

´´I came across your WOW page when I was deciding whether or not to venture off on my first ever bicycle tour, doing solo. Seeing that so many women around the world are also on their own on the road and loving it helped cement my resolve to get going.
I've camped in the wild four times so far and quite enjoyed the experience The simplicity of life on the road is incredibly peaceful.´´Cat 

´´My month of cycling Sulawesi was BLISS.........and I am already planning to return for more next year! Who KNEW there were so many women out there doing this?  I plan on forwarding your 'WOW wall' to all my friends and family who think I'm nuts! THANKS for providing this forum!´´ Maureen from Canada
´´I've been following your adventures for a while now....until I started my own. I'm on a 2 months Thailand solo trip, as a starter before big solo travelling at the end of the year. I wanted to see how it feels like…I am loving (almost) all of it.  I don't know if I fit into the category 'solo', since I travel with Hairy, the fluffy guy sitting on my tent on the rear rack´´Agata Królikowska (polish website w/ some french and english)

Starting at the end of May I too will be WOW! Thanks For being my inspiration on two wheels! Artsy Wheels  

Amanda´s Krugers email put a huge smile on my face. Amanda is cycling right on South Africa, she asked me ´´if I was having as much as she was?´´ Check out her crazy guy journal full of fun inspiring stories!

Free camping fear? When I met Australian Kat cycling in Argentina, she was a bit worried about free camping, not that it stopped her much. She had planned the trip with her partner. After her 4 ½ yrs. relationship ended, Kat persevered solo and crossed the South American continent on her own. Kat said “free camping did get easier…the winning combination was listening to my gut, but also facing my fears, and most of all, working out the difference between those two, because an ‘instinctual feeling’ and ‘irrational fear’ can be difficult to distinguish sometimes’’ 

I met South African Leina Neimand through the WOW facebook page. Leina has been on the road 6 years and reports through her blog that she is still loving it. Her world route is impressive covering 7 continents, 58countries and 102,230 kilometres. 

On a 6 week Holiday in Argentina! Mati lives in Spain but is from France. When we met, after saying hello in half a dozen languages, Mati and I had a ridiculously funny chat about flirtatious men. We spoke half Spanish, half French and half travelers’ gestures. Some conversations between women despite language barriers are truly international!
 ´´I love cycling! The soothing rythm of the pedals, a fresh breeze in my face, the ground beneath, the sky above and the ´´now´´. It has taken me 4200km from my hometown of Zadar, Croatia to the very south of Iran. I am proud to be a WOW (women on wheels)! ´´ Jelena Sosa

Around the world twice with no plans on stopping! I enjoyed meeting Dorothee on the road in Argentina on her second bicycle tour around the world. She is a motivational speaker in Germany while at home between bicycle tours. (german website) Dorothee Fleck
´´I love travelling solo but welcome cycling a few days  here and there with others if I might meet another cyclist but I have only met one other solo woman and she was travelling in the opposite direction. For me, though, the freedom and experiences of being alone are where the magic lies! ´´  Ester Mackinnon

´´I am a 66 year old lady who started cycling touring when I retired at 60. I loved the challenge, adventure, achievement, different cultures. I love  being out of my comfort zone, living with strangers and camping. My touring days started and haven't finished´´   Janice Small´s tours include England, India, Nepal and India  


´´I used to solo tour and lead bike tours back in the 70´s. I just started to get back into biking. When I turned 60 I did a solo bike tour of Taiwan´´ Rosie

´´I love touring and would like to tour around the world after I finish college and before I begin grad school. However, before taking on the world, I would first like to tour across the US this summer…Can you guys give me some tips on planning?´´ Thanks Melissa Tallis

"I remember how much inspiration I got form the WOW site before starting my bike trip from Los Angeles, CA in May. I rode with another amazing woman for through Mexico, Guatemala and part of El Salvador, now riding riding solo since half of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua..." Leah Manning 

"This fall I tackled my first solo bike tour, which I was very nervous about to begin with.  Before I left I googled "solo female cycling" and found your blog - it was a great inspiration!  Everything went great on my tour (Vancouver to San Diego), and although I did meet up with people along the way so it wasn't totally solo I would totally set off on my own again.  When I began the tour was thinking “Why do I do these things to myself?" but as always this tour reinforced that I do things like cycle tours because although in the moment the experience may be stressful, difficult, emotionally taxing, or difficult to fathom a way out of, in the end they make me stronger." Mary Ann Young  

´´I think our life is so special and we have to do  things that make us happy. To see more girls doing the same, for me is good, It give´s me more courage to go and go.´´  Brazilian Ada Cordeiro (spanish website) after several tours in Europe, is planning to explore South America solo by bike.

´´This year I finally encouraged me pedaling for three and a half months for Portugal…It has certainly been the beginning of a new world view, cycling, and traveling. The overall experience was very positive.´´ Ivy

(Original: Portugese) ´´Yo este año por fin me animé a pedalear durante tres meses y medio por Portugal…Sin duda ha sido el comienzo de una nueva visión del mundo, de la bicicleta, y de viajar. La experiencia total fue muy positiva.´´  Ivy)


´´what I like most is being away from it all. It needs to be quiet and peaceful, a campfire, the nature, millions of stars, a bite to eat (I am always hungry), a nice person to talk to, my bike, my tent and a big adventure ahead of me´´ Heike Pirngruber

"Living on a bike is much easier and more exciting than in so called everyday life. Everyday problems usually sum up to where to sleep, what to eat, where to cycle next, cycle, visit places on the road, where to sleep again…You never know what will happen, whom you will meet, where you will end up at the end of the day. That is why I love cycling solo!" Ewa Swiderska 

At age 54, Bertha Corte spent a year cycling the perimeter of Australia (15,547km) with the aim of showing a positive image of Mexican culture, putting many minds at easy about the media stereotypes of her homeland. She is now writing a book about her tour.

"If you let your fear keep you from flying you will never reach your height" Cycling Cindy

"I just finished my first solo tour across the United States! I found this blog before setting out and thought of it often during my tour. Ladies- We can soar like birds, traveling the world on our bicycle, embracing our independence, and making our lives our own.
I'm so proud of all of us! Pedal on!"  Heather Jones

"Everything that I do, I am, what I want, is in me. I know the way, as if a long time ago, I was already there. Now I can't stop! I cross borders with my own energy. The fish that has no limit and does not need water. I am the the bird that flies without obstacles and doesn't need anymore air.”  Silvia Sanchez, Traveling By Bike

"As a teacher with longer holidays than my friends, I started solo bike touring as a cheap way to travel and fill up the summer. After doing a couple of solo trips travelling the length of Britain and then up the River Rhine, I took a year's career break to travel some more. The pupils at my Primary School got updates from my blog as I cycled through Scandinavia and Iceland, before sailing on a Tall Ship from the UK to South America where I spent a couple of months cycling north through Patagonia. I've had many people ask if I get scared camping alone, my usual reply is that if I get scared I put my ear plugs in! I've just started back at work and desperately miss life on the road....but hopefully I am doing my bit by inspiring a whole new generation of travelers." Alison Davies

"I always find the place I am currently in I rate the highest. I think that is the beauty of cycling for me, what comes before and is ahead does not seem to matter, its all about where you are now and being in the moment. Which makes Kosovo my current pick as that is where I am now." Ruby Ride On

Brenna Coupland is an accomplished cycle tourist and project coordinator. Presently, she is touring in Mexico and is on her way back to Africa. Thanks to a generous grant by the Pollination Project , her latest project Beeyond a Bike is creating mobile bicycle repair shops and touring bicycles.

I love that I pass for 10 years younger.  By the time I finish all the places I want to go I'll be older than that! Went cycling 20 miles last week with my aunt and she's 84!! At 64 on Sunday, I might be the oldest on the WOW wall, but (WOW Women On Wheels Co-Contributor) Rachel Hugens (63 this month) is right behind me. What an honor! ….Been through the NW USA, Europe, SE Asia, and just got home from 6 months in NZ...all on Blaze, my trike” Kathryn Mossbrook Zimmerman (AKA Bag Lady, her Appalachian Trail thru hiker name)

Lori Bell is riding across the southern USA  in support of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) and the release of Paul K. Chappell's newest book, The Art of Waging Peace. Recently Lori commented on the WOW Facebook fan page that "Well...if I'm crazy (for riding my bicycle solo across the U.S.)...looks like I'm in good company!"

 Petra Stranger and her husband and toddler have cycled toured through Europe and Asia. A few months ago, she spent a week touring in Holland solo with her son and has written wonderful articles about cycling during pregnancy. She started her blog to encourage others to cycle with young children.

"In April of 2001, I quit my job, left my apt. put my belonging in storage and fulfilled a long time dream to bicycle and sketch my way around the world. A solo adventure that would take me through 16 countries in Southern Europe, the Middle East, the Sub-Continent, South East Asia, New Zealand and the US , pedaling 14,000 miles during a span of 14 months....After ten years going through my memories, the book (available in English/French) is finished and at the printer. It will come out in the fall." Sophie Binder

Jasmine Reese, a violin and her dog Fiji are biking across America is on a journey to lose weight. Follow Jasmine's physical transformation through YouTube and be inspired to get out and exercise through cycling. 

Kim Fisher is cycling solo from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Black Rock City Nevada, USA. She is raising money for a family whose house burned down in Elphin, Ontario. Her husband, Brain Aterbury is updating her blog from home where he watching the kids, dogs and fish. He mentioned he was a not a cyclist although he is sure that when Kim get's back she will no doubt be forcing him to use his bike a heck of a lot more.

"I came across your WOW. Funny, I had never really thought about me being a female solo cyclist. Solo, yes. People do tend to ask whether it gets boring or scary on your one... (?! ;)) But then when I think about it... I've only really met two female solo cyclists in months of cycling... So, I definitely like your idea of creating a small WOW network! Great!" Anina Kathrin Stauffacher


"It is a book that everyone who has ever thought about cycling or have cycled themselves should have as essential reading" Available here
"I am 54 years old social worker, living for more than 30 years in Israel and born in the Netherlands....I just returned from my 8 day cycling trip, the Greenways Prague Vienna, around 550 km. It was my second solo bike trip after Zurich - Zurich (800 km) last year
and plan to continue this new tradition of mine every year"

                                             Sonia E. Letzter-Pouw,PhD

"I am currently on a bicycle tour of the Americas: the plan and route is totally open – I have no firm agenda or schedule. I left Alaska in June 2009. I am traveling by pure pedal-power, carrying everything that I need with me, camping and relying on local hospitality where I can. My route is decided by a happy mixture of planning and serendipity. I meet people and hear about different things that spark my interest on the way. I'm in no rush."  
                                                    Anna Kortschak  

"As a unicyclist for many years and someone who loves travelling, I thought it was time to explore a bit of the world alone on my only wheel. What better bait to initiate encounters with locals? Sure, it's slower than a bicycle but I'm in no rush in order to better discover, learn and think along my journey." I connected with Anne-Sophie Rodette via twitter from Patagonia where she has been tackling the infamous winds and hills on her way from Ushuaia to Santiago, Chile.

"I'm Daniela Bosch from Switzerland and currently on the way home. From Bangkok (where I worked for 3 years) by land to Switzerland. The first goal is to reach Beijing by bike, then I will decide how to go on. Right now I'm cycling in Vietnam."

Snezana Radojicic, is going to be the first woman from Serbia to cycle around the world. She has been cycling for two years and presently she in Cambodia.

Juliana Buhring set speed records as she cycles around the world in 152 days on a route that took her from Naples to Naples, Italy.

My pick for favorite WOW, cycling legend Louise Sutherland. Her around the word tour 1956-1962 was only the beginning of her travels by bike. Although she passed away, Cycling Legends, the book about her life is still available internationally. Enjoy this 1978 TV Interview with a legend. Everything Louise talks about is so dialed in to my reality, I cried, laughed and shouted "OMG, you got that right... so true...the world's still like that...y'ah me too" all the way through this 1978 TV interview. 


Trisha Bessert cycling the America's with her dog Ceiba.

"I am a woman of 55 and am cycling on my own around the Black Sea, (although for the last section my husband will join me.) In my blog I especially tell the stories of the people I meet, but also reflect on my own experiences and struggles." Gerdi Quist

"Emily Chappell her story is one of those that convinced me to cycle through Iran and Pakistan. So many people warn me, tell me how foolish and naive my plans are, how irresponsible my whole travel is. Other cyclists, especially women alone, inspire me and show me how possible it is." 
                                           Inge Vanhulle 


I haven't been nearly as die-hard as you and many other women on the wall because I don't bike every inch of every country. If I'm not having fun consistently, and don't feel I can tackle a hill on that bike, I take a bus or train between big cities...” Wylie Goodman AKA the Couch Surfing Cook.

Wylie and I started chatt'in via e-mail while Wylie was planning her first tour. I was incredibly happy for Wylie while she cycle toured on her (Volae Recumbent New Century recumbent) in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. 


"I never really thought of the fact that I am female to be of any significance when I decided I wanted to go on a long distance tour, solo. Many people brought up the fact but being 'fiercely independent', as I have recently been described it all seemed rather normal!" Francesca Miller

Girl Cyclists” make history...after WWII their 3 year journey a cross Australia began. Read the fascinating story here

"I traveled solo on my bike from Virginia to New Orleans summer of 1988. That journey gave me the courage and experience I needed to plan a year in India... I know my summer alone on my bike is what set me up for all that was to come." Nancy Sathre-Vogel 

These twin sisters are credit card tourers. Lori and Nancy (from left to right) have pedaled fast and light across Canada and have toured in Switzerland, Italy and France. They sleep in hotels and humorously claim to be old and lazy. They leave this April to pedal across the USA.

This trip is more about getting to know myself better, to become stronger in my mind..sort of like a life lesson. I like to suffer sometimes to be reminded to appreciate what I have. Emma Vanemo (blog link Swedish/English) is pedaling every single inch. Facebook fans can check out her page as Sweden Meets Africa On A Bike.

 Cyclist of the Month, Check out Antoinette Morgan's fascinating story here“ 

"The stories on the wall have brought tears to my eyes - so all those days when I was alone in the saddle... it's so great to know that there are others out there doing the same."
Jenn Harvey, world cyclist 

Ineke Overbeek has spent her lifetime loving to cycle.  From her home town in Holland to her adventures acrossed Europe from Holland to Austria, enjoying most the freedom of the bicycle.  At 55 years old, there is no stopping this lifetime enthusiast.  Next up for her is a tour through Italy.    

Snejezana Freketic. One woman. One dog. Cycled together for 3 years in an adventure that took them through Europe, Asia, Central and South America

"I am Barbara from Germany and just came back from a 7 month cycling tour alone from Ushuaia, Argentina to Lima, Peru. In Bolivia I went trekking and mountaineering for some weeks. After several trips in Europe this was my first one in South America, and I got so excited that I was definitely not my last! Thanks for your site, it's encouraging to see so many women travelling alone!"


I am building a surly long haul trucker and switching over components from a felt racing bike I had. Its almost finished...just gotta press the headset and cable it up…..Jordie Bosley is presently touring a crossed America, the bicycle she built is doing well.

I am usually an indoors science-research-laboratory type person, but this is the summer before I graduate and I wanted to do something different. I decided to cycle along the existing Keystone 1 Pipeline, interviewing locals, experts and officials along the way to understand and help the public understand-- through Huffington the facts behind pipelines, oil sands and energy security debates through a different lens while having an adventure. Carol Hsin

Grace and Lily, a mother and daughter duo have pedaled their tandem bicycle through Arizona, part of the Pacific Coast Highway and have plans to cycle in Africa in 2013. Lily will soon be 10 years old. Crazy Mom On A Bike

Emily Chapell left her job in London, England as a cycle courier to cycle around the world.  Emily's route has brought her from the UK to China, presently Emily is cycling in Japan.

The Couch Surfing Cook has been traveling, sharing recipes and hosting people in her Brooklyn apartment since 2010. Presently she is traveling by bicycle in Japan on a route that will take her through SE Asia to Malaysia.

 Thank you so much for this great site.  As I ride and enjoy some of the finest moments in my life I often wonder how to inspire and empower more women to get out into the world on their own!  This is a great start...   I started my trip in Helsinki in May and have been wiggling my way down through Europe, spent a month relaxing in Croatia and now I am doing a loop in the Alps.  I have no planned end to my journey.
Sage Asher

After her partner injured his knee,   Erzsébet Prokopp went solo through the Austrian mountains. I met Erzsébet touring the Indian Himalaya.

"Finding Sachi is an adventure bike tour, that started on March 10, 2011 to experience the wonderful food eaten in Japan. Join me, your tour guide Sachi, as I cycle from Okinawa to Hokkaido (south to north) to find delicious food and beautiful scenery throughout Japan".Finding Sachi

"Being a notoriously unlucky flyer - hijacked, volcanic ash victim, aborted landings, cancellations, not booked on flights, wheels falling off planes, struck by lightening - and also a non-driver I thought it would be a good idea to head off East on my bicycle." (Central Asia home to the UK) Jilly Sherlock

Melanie Mezanec pedaled the Pacific Coast Highway, USA, Spain, Netherlands mostly with her trumpet . Up next? Melanie will be spending the summer pedaling across the USA and raising money for Cancer in memory of her cousin who reminded everyone to get busy living.

"My partner was still in school, and I love the freedom and adventure of travelling alone, so I went on a tour from the Oregon coast to the Florida coast of America, pedalling over 5,000 miles in 3 and half months... and falling in love with it." -Olivia Round


After living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Abi Wingate decided to cycle home to Scotland. Abi raised nearly 14,000 pounds for The Scottish Association for Mental Health after she lost 3 close friends to suicide. Cycle

Human power from London to London via the world. Sarah Outen is making a complete loop of our planet using only a rowing boat, a bike and a kayak.

Jenn Tough near her home in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta while touring solo in Northern Canada, 2010. I met Jenn with her new riding partner Jeff in Cyprus recently, and together they are taking a spin around the world.

The Universe With  Me

Wow (woman on wheels) participant Susan Minnich retuned from her second bicycle tour in France recently. Here is what Susan had to say about cycling in France.

Eleanor Moseman  has  already completed 10,000 miles through China (including Taiwan and Tibet),  the majority solo.  Eleanor's next adventure? A solo winter tour of the Stans. Catch her updates from central Asia  at Here's the article that appeared here when Eleanor was planning her winter bicycle tour.

Meet WOW wall member, Marija Kozin. Marija left her home in Slovenia and pedaled to Beijing, she then turned around and pedaled home.  Friedel Grant from Travelling Two interviews Majira about her 30 month journey.
Click here to hear about Marija's journey

"...spent the last 3 years teaching English in Thailand and decided the best way to leave was on my bike.  I set off six months ago and have past through Laos, China, Mongolia (cycled with Emily jefferson some there) Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark. Germany Holand, Belguim and France remain before finishing in London. Its been nothing short of amazing but a bit sad that I only have one month remaining..." Jenna Thompson

Emily Jefferson arrived home on Oct 16th after pedaling from New Zealand to the UK. Emily reports that seeing England from the ferry brought tears to her eyes. Congrats to Emily for her amazing accomplishment. Bike NZ 2 UK
Emily Jefferson as she arrives home

Jenny Towill pedaling solo in Laos
The other day, I met a woman travelling solo by bicycle.  Jenny Towill on holiday from Wales left the rock climbing region of Wales and her supportive mountain guide boyfriend temporarily behind to holiday solo by bicycle in Wales.  Rory Shaw of lent Jenny his panniers so she could venture solo for 3 weeks through Laos. 

                                                        Dervla Murphy

In 1963 Dervla Murphy left Ireland in the winter and pedaled to India.  Over 40 years later, Dervla is still travelling by mules, bicycles or boats and writing super funny books about her adventures.  

In 2009, after receiving Anne Mustoes book called “A Bike Ride” Ann Wilson retired early at age 58, training on route, Ann began “an open ended world tour in an easterly direction”.  After more than 16720 km (10,389miles) and covering 24 countries, Anne completed the world tour in Sept 2010.  Ann’s recent bicycle tours include 3 months of pedaling in Spain, France and Morocco. Thanks Ann for encouraging us all to pedal out the door. Read about Ann’s adventures here!
                                                Through Europe And Beyond 
                                                      North From Marrakech

                                                Ann Wilson, world cyclist

Silke Mokel on the road solo since 2010.  Silke started pedaling in Western Europe then set her sights on Canada to the tip of South America.  Presently Silke is in Ecuador heading south for Peru.  Silke is taking the road less cycled and is staying off the well cycled Trans-American route and sticking to the smaller roads.  Follow Silke on her German website or on FB in English and Spanish.

Elizabeth Walsh pedaling in the Peruvian Andes

"I have cycled alone in Canada, the United States, England, and most recently, a one week trip in the Peruvian Andes.  I was suffering from pre-departure nerves and the discouragement of friends and family before setting off to Peru.  I got a lot of courage from the WOW website; it was inspiring to discover so many other lady cyclists."  Elizabeth Walsh

Jasmin Meier pedaling solo in SE Asia, follow Jasmin's 
adventure on wheels

Sabine Studer pedaling in Tajikistan, solo world cyclist 2008-2010

Hanna Jackobson 
"A couple of years ago I replaced my usual backpack with bicycle panniers as I decided to cycle home from Paris. As I eventually hit the brakes in the Swedish city of Gothenburg a new bicycle plan had emerged, trans-american journey. As a journalist some of theses journeys have been published as articles regarding the situation of Beijing, radio reports from the townships in South Africa and photographs from the top of Kilimanjaro." Hanna Jackobson

"A nut without a shell, really. Or maybe a nut looking to break out of her shell. A mediocre athlete turned adventure luster on a budget" Meet Katie Tibbets English teacher and solo bicycle tourist around South Korea

At age 42, Rachel Hugens spend a year on the road enjoying New Zealand and Australia while pedaling. Rachel met her husband and together they pedaled from Capetown, Africa to Holland, South America and Indonesia, South East Asia and from the Arctic Circle to Idaho, USA.  Check out Rachel's photos

                           Ceri Smith, tours in her home country of Scotland

Overland from the UK To Thailand, one small pedal for one big reason, 
talk HIV and Aids

Kate Leeming in her book GRACE The Great Australian Cycling Expedition chronicles the story of her 25,000km cycling expedition of Australia.

Emily Jefferson
Emily Jefferson arrived home Oct. 16th after pedaling from New Zealand to the UK. Emily reports that seeing England from the ferry brought tears to her eyes. Congrats to Emily for her amazing accomplishments.Bike NZ To UK

Kate Crinion is a new born Irish cyclist. She started cycling in Tibet and has pedaled in Nepal, India, Thailand, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Presently she is pedaling in Central America. Here's more about Kate's Cycling Curiosity

"I have been cycling for 35 years. During holidays of course. In 2001 I made a trip for 10 months, SE Asia and China. In 2007 another big one for 2 years in Asia again. I like traveling slow and I like Asia. Just came back from 4,5 months cycling in Nepal, Bangladesh and NE India, amazing again. I write cycling guidebooks in Dutch the first one about Laos and the 2nd about Cambodia. Working on a 3rd one... I only travel solo, best way to travel, freedom y'know..."                                                       


Bernadette Speet, guide book author (Cambodia and Laos) and world cyclist
                                                       Escape Travels
"Thanks for setting up the WOW page! I came across it yesterday after I spoke to my dad on the phone and he told me how worried he is about me cycling all alone in a country that is so far from home (Switzerland is my home) and without even having an itinerary... Confused I was googling something like "women cycling alone" and I found you crazy people and didn't feel THAT crazy anymore. Because of the links on this page I had the chance to read some inspiring blogs. So thank you for that!" Jasmin Meier

                                                   Annie Londonderry

In 1895, the first woman cycled around the world.  She was a suffragist and mother of 3, her name was Annie Londonderry.  The Annie Londonderry website is full of fun info.  Around The World On Two Wheels is the book about of her extraordinary journey written by her great grand nephew and author Peter Zeutlin.  A Flash From The Way Past is the story that appeared here when Peter contacted me to let me know that Annie would be proud of us women on wheels.

Jill Lundberg, a 72 year old New Zealander has cycled solo through Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Scotland and Iceland. Presently she is pedaling in India. Jill and her bicycle Pegasus adventures can be found here.

Delphine Torrekens, a year in Asia

Delphine Torrekens spent a year cycling in Asia.  When I met Delphine she was pedaling in China. Happy to be avoiding winter back home in Paris, France, Delphine was on your way to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Turkey.

In celebration of International Women’s Day together let’s make a photo gallery of solo female bicycle tourists.  Thank you for participating, please send photos, links and/or stories to, and the WOW (women on wheels) photo gallery will appear here in celebration of International Women’s Day.  If you have links to business’, blogs or projects they obviously can be included in the photo gallery.  I thoroughly enjoy building a community of like minded people and connecting with the women and men who write me and ask questions about whether camping solo is scary, bicycle chasing psycho dogs, visas or where to find food and water in remote regions such as the Gobi Desert or the Australian outback.  

                   Mirjam The Cycling Dutch Girl Going Slowly Around The World

Helen Lloyd

Helen took on Africa and pedaled solo from her home in Britain to Capetown, South Africa. In her blog, she counts beers, miles and marriage proposals along the way.  Take On Africa.  Presently Helen has also pedaled through Canada, America and Central America. This winter she will be cycling in Lapland, Iceland.

Gathering our resources is sure to make women on wheels increase in popularity as we venture into the forth coming year.  The WOW (women on wheels) photo gallery can be found here, thanking you in advance for sending your photos and/or links to  Please join in the celebration and send your photos, links and /or stories to We can also stay connected through Twitter and Facebook.

Grace Johnson met her photographer husband Paul Jeurissen while pedaling the trans-america solo in 1981.  They have been pedaling together ever since. Their current project is called "Bicycling Around The World In Search Of Inspiring Cycle Images".  Their remarkable photos can be found here In Search Of Inspiring Cycling Images.  Grace's other projects include the free Bicycle Traveler Magazine.


"Bicycles are wheels. You can do all kinds of things with them. My preference is to use them to travel. When I can't travel, I ride near home." A wonderful quote from the blog Suze Cycling  about cycling through French, Cevennes

Susan Minich, Suze Cycling Just got back from another cycling adventure in France. This time from the med to the Atlantic. From her great blog about why cycle in France?

"France....the best place on the planet to combine cycling, eating, mountains, beaches, art, architecture, history and culture." Susan Minich


Kiki Holl decided to spend her summer cycling across America and raising money for multiple sclerosis.


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