Where The Big Girls Go, Tips For A Nutritious Holiday (with/without your bicycle)

We all have heard of all the great counties in which to eat, Italy, Spain and France quickly come to mind but what happens when you are on the road and the menu consists of really bizarre palette baffling options? I have eaten soup loaded with floating chicken heads in Loa, something I think must have been horse balls in Mongolia and accidentally scarfed down some dog in Vietnam, may doggie heaven save my soul. In Thailand, fried bugs are the delicacy of the locals, they come fried or boiled and taste just like popcorn if you close your eyes. And in central Asia fermented horse milk is a unique beverage option.

While traveling getting enough likable things to eat can become a huge challenge. I am as guilty as the next to skipping too many meals and scarfing down a Coke Cola instead. I prefer it to fermented horse milk but hey that's just me. Depending on the country and what's on the menu weight fluctuation is common while on a holiday. The math equation is pretty simple really. As long as you are expending more then you are putting in your body you are probably not going to gain much weight.

Now we all know that exercise burns calories. And most people I have met assume that in order to travel by bicycle or hike that trail mad calories must be consumed. I grew myself a belly in New Zealand while contemplating this theory as I consumed ridiculous amounts of their famous French fries. However, it is important to note that cycling does burn a lot of calories but cycling doesn't do much for your core body (torso). Which means it is quite possible to grow yourself muscular tree stump thighs and a flabby giggly belly while pedaling away day after day. I have been pedaling most days for the last year and a half and as much as I miss my Alaska wood chopping arms and stiff belly I wouldn't trade my eating adventures to have those things back. Maintaining a healthy diet and choosing the right calories is always the optimal goal. Now I don't know what the caloric value of bugs or horse balls is but I am sure that if I would of located a salad, it would have been a better choice. Here is a link to 8 great ways to make sure you will never become super sized and have to buy a bigger McBicycle

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