Let's Get Ready To Rumble...How To Turn A Backpacking Trip Into A Bicycle Tour

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeee…..As the echo of the announcer’s voice permeates throughout the walls of the world arena, the heavy weight champion of world travel is introduced.  In the ring of dust and exhaust, in the veteran blue corner, we have the bus. A motorized method of vehicular transportation that is undefeated to date by a 13th round popular decision on 4 continents.  
Present Champion of World Travel by Popular Decision

 A ‘as crowded as a Los Vegas boxing arena on title fight night’, a travel method which attracts thousands of world travelers yearly to the well trodden backpacker circuit of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, also known as the  golden triangle of overland travel of South East Asia. 

Often the bus is a crowded familiar means of transportation in which backpackers jabbed by right hooks and softened by uppercuts zip by villages and thousands of authentic experiences.  Sporting fancy footwork unseen since the likes of Muhammad Ali, tourists with their belongings strapped to their backs dance from one bus stop to the next shucking and jiving from one must see destination to the next.  Surrounded by familiar westerners and protected by the bus window, only a shield of glass, the size of a mouth guard away from a culturally enriching travel experience.
We turn now to the contender’s in the world championship of travel title belt fight.  In the red and black spandex corner we have the underdog, an unknown and newcomer to the sport, backpackers Alle Veenstra and Irene Bosma on holiday originally from Groningen now hailing from Amsterdam, Holland.  By first round knock out, they blur the now defeated world champion and as quick as a good left hook; leave the bus staggering on one knee in search of a better experience.  And with a one move victory, the well earned world champion of travel title belt is theirs to have.  So, how did such an underdog defeat the bus, the world champion of travel transportation options?  It’s simple, they announced their victory, got off the bus in Vientiane, Laos, purchased 2 Trek 4300 four series bicycles, a map and some quality gear for 1100USD ($550USD each), strapped their backpacks to the back rack and pedaled off into South East Asia basking in the championship glow of their impressive one move victory.
Congratulations, Well Done!

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"

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