Trying Out For The Red Carpet, What To Wear On Your Next Adventure?

 I would like to say as I round the world by bicycle that I am cloaked in a wonder women cape full of magic capabilities. Attire, that is suitable for the red carpet and engineered by fashion experts.

However, light weight astronaut specialists, or red carpet outdoor experts have not sponsored me to fashionably propel my hopeful thunderous thighs through the Himalayas foothills of China. I am a self funded human.  After 21 months of solo female bicycle touring without sponsorship, I am existing on a budget of limited means. Likewise, I am full of realistic thoughts on the needed and affordable attire for the adventure. 

However, it has become abundantly clear that bicycle touring reeks havoc on the wardrobe.  My bags are tiny to say the least and my laundry capabilities are limited at best.  Today’s tree strung clothes line, in the shade of the cold Laos mountain air, barely did the trick to dry my newly acquired Asian cycling pants made of thin cotton fabric. 

The UV sun fading capabilities of hours cycling in the sun will fade the most well designed shirts into a seductive breezy veil.  After hours of pedaling, my bronzed sun tanned back acquired through my shirts will attest to this.  Fortunately, the majority of my clothing, which has disintegrated in the hours of sunshine while pedaling, didn’t cost very much.

So, what should we be wearing on a bicycle tour?  For some the answer is simple, spandex, high end synthetic UV protective fabric and a reflective vest. Or, anything that northface, OR, mountain research, shimano or Patagonia recommends and the pocket book can manage.    For me, it is whatever is given to me, or that I can find in the local inexpensive clothing market for imported spandex flatters my red carpet figure to an extent that the masculine conservative world at large need not distract ME by.  Even in Australia, a country comfortable with flesh, attention levels rise to distracting levels, if I flash my legs in my favorite OR cycling skort.   Besides, there are plenty of cheap, stylish, affordable, conservative outdoor clothing choices for women, choices that will work on any bicycle tour and outdoor adventure, anywhere in the world.

There are several options in the wonder women spandex line

And the vintage shabby chic of yesteryear

Then there’s reality.  In some areas of the world, were husbands and brothers barely catch a glimpse of shoulders and thighs, I have always thought it was wise to dress like the locals and cover up.  The added sun blocking benefits only add to my thoughts.  A long sleeve cotton shirt and long shorts with gusseted crotch will do the trick in just about any climate.  In colder regions, zip off hiking pants are helpful because of their lightweight, quick dry capabilities.  A light rain coat such as the Marmot precip jacket works well for rain gear as does a poncho.  Padded spandex cycling shorts fit fell under most clothing and there are lots of options where the padded bum is build right in for extra comfort.   

Please remember when you shop for your favorites to shop here through  It doesn't cost you anything extra and a percentage (1.2%) in Partnership with Ben Namibia and Rotary International goes towards the purchase of a bicycle ambulance.  Thanks to all the featured fans who have donated a couple of dollars/euros or bought t-shirts.  Let's ride the red carpet on our way, by bicycle ambulance, to a dream.

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hey from robertoblanco, vang vieng.I was driving in Goa 36degrees. was not to hot.

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