There Is A Big Mountain In The Way!

As five cyclists, new friends head together through the mountains, the food is scarce, the laughter is not. Three days and 300km of hills later the rolling crew of 5 spring forth, bellies full of sticky rice and rat on a stick. To the cultural heritage city of Luang Prabang we arrive like gorillas escaping from the forest looking forward to some well earned Laos beer and food that doesn’t involve noodle soup or barbequed rodent.

Tim and Emanuel, two handsome Swedish guys who would like all of you ladies to know that they are single, and team Canada, a French Canadian couple who would like you all to know that they were fully sponsored with gear and cash as they pedaled a crossed Canada last year and would like the good fortune to continue as they pedal the world. They can be contacted through their website. The Swedish hotties also have an amazing website (video blogs in English) with GPS and navigation data that could give NASA technology a run for their money, and video capabilities that Steven Spielberg would smile about.

A village school along the way proved to be a wonderful campground, and dozens of curious children provided the evening and early morning entertainment. Team Canada spent the morning involved in an outdoor cooking class with the locals as the Swedish hotties did calisthenics to tighten their rock hard abs, wrote letter to their moms, and played with the children to start the day in the mountains.

Tomorrow after I wait for the cute Swedish pair to balance their 6 digit bank accounts, the party of 5 will head for a long boat to float the Nam Ou River and will jump off at the road and pedal north into China. May the camping, laughter, outstanding blogging, photos and fun continue… “Adventure Cycling Is The New Religion/The New Rock And Roll” A quote by Tim from Sweden, enjoy the YouTube video!

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