Girly Girl Gear For Guys Too

Last week, I received an e-mail, it was a questionnaire that a bicycle touring website gives to women cyclists. They wanted to know how many pairs of panties I am packing in my panniers. I told them that my be the adventure panties were none of their business.

However, if they wanted to know what kind of PANNIERS I was packing I would love to talk about it. So here it is. I love my Ortlieb panniers and if you must know, yes they really do keep my panties safe, completely dry and condensation free in all conditions. And the best part of all? If you buy yours at it doesn’t cost you anything extra and the small percentage receives goes towards the purchase of a bicycle ambulance.


Unknown said...

Love the reply,
won't need panniers nor panties in the foreseeable future.

plumerainbow said...

Hi it's great that you are doing this and I hope I'll be able to do something like this too (starting from a small cycling trip just within my country)

What is a bicycle ambulance?

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