Cyprus…How To Bicycle Tour Princess Style

As I make my way around N Cyprus, castles abound, the ocean scenery is splendid and the free camping is 5 star.  As I was leaving Girne (Kyrenia) after a trekking loop of the eastern tip of the Island, I met up with 3 other bicycle tourists on their way to cycle N Cyprus.  I truly enjoy trying new things therefore I was happy to pedal in my first mixed gender foursome for a bicycle tour of Turkish Cyprus. 

My low maintenance lifestyle exploded into a high maintenance bicycle touring affair.  My usual distances were reduced to 12km-56km a day. Our meals consisted of locating outdoor tables, and leisurely enjoying the best of the small market cuisine.  Free camping became a paradise of options when we searched for camping inside buildings or free inside hotels under repair.  Our lowest mileage day was 12km when my group decided to keep dry all day and watch the sky for rain.  I was a little surprised by the rain day retreat of cyclists who had also crossed Asia into Europe and clearly done some rainy cycling but quickly realized that there are many ways to bicycle tour and enjoyed staying dry with the group.

photo taken by Loretta Henderson
Highlights of a princess style bicycle tour on Cyprus in a group of 4 which contained a French woman who funny enough, I don’t think was that interested in cycling included swimming at Golden Beach and a visit to Salamis the archeological site. At times it was hard to believe that 2 human women could actually be of the same gender and have bicycle touring in common. My high maintenance friend seemed to prefer spending the bicycle touring day sorting out 5 star inside camping and her laundry. This is a wonderful personality type that comes in very handy when turning a bicycle tour into a 5 star princess style bicycle touring affair. The 2 guys and I were more relaxed about how many stars our picnic table needed to have and probably would of preferred spending the time increasing the distances and speed a little.  However, I did appreciate the 5 star luxuries all the same.

Here is the route, which loops N Cyprus from Girne, Kyrenia. Small food markets and fresh water are located throughout the route. Inside and outside camping options are plentiful.  There’s a lot of info on the internet about bicycle touring routes and trails in Cyprus. Here’s a great resourceHere are some public FB photos taken at the charming Cyprus Dorms and Hotel (the owner loves FB friends) where I stayed at the start and end of the loop.

 Special note: I also want to apologize to every man, woman and child who doesn’t like laundry jokes and/or this website. 


Sarah Malloy said...

Hey there is nothing wrong with us women who like to shower, have a bed, shave our legs and have a warm meal!

Sarah M

Loretta Henderson said...

A big thanks for the comment. Funny enough my big mouth humor is not all that funny. And course there is nothing wrong with how any of us live. I think I might write something soon about how truly disgusting I get sometimes from bicycle touring. LOL

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own style when they travel. Some need a five star hotel and room service. Others need high tech electronic and gaming system in a luxury RV. And some just need a sleeping bag, tarp and a place to build a fire. You enjoy the adventure and challenge of living with you worldly possessions in your backpack. Your style is a little different and more like the great Dervla Murphy..simple, basic and low tech. You like to meet the local people, enjoy local foods and customs. Your article celebrated the difference styles of travel and humor.

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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