You're So Vain, Tips For Looking Great While Bicycle Touring

After months of full coverage cycling through India, Pakistan and Iran, I realized something about myself. I might as well change my name to Carly and start singing 'You're so Vain' in the mirror to my self every morning because I had no idea how much the police in Iran mandating my attire would truly be such an issue.
I am more vain then I would of ever expected.  After 2 ½ years of bicycle touring it is safe to say that my panniers are depleted of clothing.  I presently own one pair of shorts and when I am cold, I wear knee socks or my rain pants. My wardrobe has been destroyed by the elements. Never having been a fan of that expensive sporty spf clothing material my cheap bohemian cotton shirts have the longevity of about 3 months of pedaling, before they are holier than a preacher at the pulpit. So what is the girly girl gear for guys too necessary fashion attire for bicycle touring?  Thanks to the internet and my dad, my shipping partner, I have ordered some new discounted clothing gear from the internet.  I can’t wait to get…..

  • Prana pants ¾ length pants intended for rock climbing are great for pedaling. They are cool looking, a little stretchy and tough enough for bike touring. My first pair lasted for 1 and ½ years of continuous touring.  They never fell apart and eventually just got sun burnt (literally). They became paper thin and you could see right through them.  I didn’t fancy flashing everyone on the planet so I eventually recycled them into bicycle cleaning rags.
  • Tavu visorA vanity purchase because they just look cool and will keep the sun off of my nose. My nose most days is a sun burnt flakey mess and someday soon I might end up being one of those super chic white zinc nose people. You could call me Carly and laugh at me if you would like.
  • Prana tank top.  Newly freed from the confines of a conservative dress code, I just need to get some air on my pedaling arms.. Prana clothes intended for yoga, wick moisture away and keep you dry while sweat drenched on the bike. I love the pants so I will be trying out the tops.
  • Ex-officio shorts.  My only pair of shorts for some time now. They are tough and I love the cargo pockets. I could pretty much camp for a couple of days out of the stuff I stash in the pockets. They do have that sporty spf material so they have lasted a really long time. I suffer from a brown circle on the bum of my beige shorts from the saddle so this time I ordered a dark brown pair.

    Pro-tip: If you dress the color of dirt to begin with it is far easier to stay clean looking while bicycle touring
  • Triposili Sunglasses.I love my  serengeti driver shadeshowever they have stretched a lot and are now way too big.  They fall off my head 5 times a day and the lenses fog over from sweat and I can’t see.  I stop cycling everyday a few times to wipe them, so I can see.  Also, I wear my hair in a pony tail and wrap the cord on the pony tail to keep the glasses attached to my face. They are tuff though, I have dropped them on the cement at least 50 times and they don’t break.  I am hoping the triposi glasses sold through amazon by BikeSomewhere fix my sunglasses issues. The new glasses come with 3 lenses. The clear lens is great for dusty foggy construction areas.

    What’s your favorite article of clothing for a bicycle tour?

    Free Be the Adventure T-shirt holiday giveaway, just leave a comment about your favorite article of clothing for a bicycle tour and a winner will be chosen from the comments below in the next couple of days. T-shirts come in black and white, unisex sizes s-xxL with free international shipping.


Anonymous said...

Twitter reply from @kelaussie29
Q1: Wash one, wear one keep one clean - especially when your travelling by bike ;)

Anonymous said...

Twitter Be the Adventure t-shirt #giveaway.

Q1. How many pairs of panties are you packing?

Q2. What are your memories of your first bike? #charity

Twitter reply from @ARJWright

Q1:none (am a guy)

Q2: first bike was stolen on my birthday, red and silver with red wheels

Anonymous said...

Twitter reply from @SuperCycling

Q1. Serious answer is just 1 pair 4 me. I like to wear mine over the top...superhero style #noskidmarks

Anonymous said...

Twitter reply from @secayford

Q1. 2 boxers & long johns :-),

Q2. 1st bike was a 3 speed chopper w stick shift on top tube, banana seat, & slick racing tires.

Anonymous said...

I personally love my blue pair of boardies. Not only are they blue (dark blue when dirty), it means I can literally jump off my bike into that refreshing river that always appears (ok maybe 10% of the time) every time I need to cool off.

As an extra bonus, (if you aren’t too concerned with hypothermia) in winter conditions they match the skin colour of my frozen legs for that nifty trendy ‘pants’ look.

Anonymous said...

Correction to previous post should be
@SuperCyclingMan, UK

Q1. Serious answer is just 1 pair 4 me. I like to wear mine over the top...superhero style #noskidmarks

December 18, 2011 3:13 PM

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