Crazy For Camels

Camel as defined as a creature of arid inhabitant, they carry their own water in their hump, comes in many varieties  and colors, they live in herds with camel friends and are used for work and pleasure, capable of crossing the Sahara desert…………

Camel as defined by the solo female bicycle tourist glossary of terms as a great friend on the lonely Sahara desert crossing of Sudan.  An animal that renders a bicycle tourist with large smiles and it never gets old to see yet another camel while pedaling solo for far too long on isolated Sahara desert roads.

There really isn’t much difference between a camel and a bicycle tourist is there? Camels carry all the water they need and nibble on everything edible in sight.  Camels have drivers and saddle bags, so do bicycles. Camels cross the Sahara desert so do bicycles and their drivers.  Camels make odd grunting noises, on occasion so do bicycle tourists. Camels chew food with their mouth open as if they can’t get enough, so do bicycle tourists.  Camels have really cute butts, I wonder if my butt has gotten that cute from all this pedaling. Camels have really long necks, come to think of it, my neck is a bit sore from all the sunshine of these 100mile (170km)  days of pedaling with a strong wind at my back, maybe I should stretch my neck like a camel.

I wonder if camels ever loose their minds from solitude or overheating. What does a camel sunburn look like, maybe that’s why some camels are light brown and some are dark brown. Why do they keep looking at me, don’t they realize they are as funny looking as I am.  The locals last week said,  “bicycle is dangerous”, camels riding, now that looks dangerous, I guess it depends on where you are from. A lot of camels seem to be moving north to Egypt, I guess there are better job prospects for Sudanese camels in Egypt.  I need to find a job soon, I wonder if I have enough money to get to Capetown, maybe I should be heading north instead of south to look for work with the camels. Camel driver, now that is a job I would love.

What the hell does camel insanity look like?  Do they make straight jackets big enough for camels.  Why the hell do I think that that is so funny. Keep pedaling there must be a human to talk to up ahead somewhere. Focus, focus, stop laughing, keep pedaling…..


acid mustafa said...

Love the picture of the single camel. Oh boy, camel really have a big smiling face. Sort of welcoming smile.

Keep on cycling.

Acid malaysia

Anonymous said...


Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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