Dollars For Dough Heads. If You Can’t Have Your Way, You Indeed Must Pay

“Can I have a copy of that photo?…it reminds me of my grand-ma” A short sighted man who works for major Hollywood productions in London, straightens his artistic glasses. He leans over me, he peeks at my photos. They are spread across my computer screen. I am sitting at a table eating lunch in Addis, Ethiopia admiring the photo I took this morning of a wise old lady, her rounded spectacles focus on her years of experience.

Sure you can have a copy, I think to myself, everything is being spread around on the internet for free these days anyway, as I transfer the photo from my computer screen to his memory card. I would find out later, Robert intends on putting together a for profit photo exhibition for his affluent Hollywood friends when he returns home to London from his holiday in Ethiopia. I hope his grand-ma can afford to attend, I think to myself.

Moments later, I open an e-mail from my concerned Canadian cousin, she is trained in IT security.  She has discovered that a fan of this website, has recently started 2 blogs of her own. She is not a writer, traveler with nice camera or a cyclist. She has cut/copy/pasted my most popular articles and photos onto her 2 blogs. She hasn’t credited the original source, my website.  Why didn’t little Miss Copyright Violation ask me first, I would of said yes. I have been taking photos and writing for travel magazines for free anyway, I think to myself.

After a decade of being distracted by my career, a relationship and owning a home, at 36, I found myself committed to traveling. 3 years ago, with exactly zero cycling experience; I left Alaska via suburbia to cycle around the world.  As the news of my unique story spreads, requests for my travel writing and photos are on the rise. My e-mail box is fat and happy these days, an expert in the women’s adventure travel industry, I, apparently, have become. I am truly flattered and happy to answer the many requests for information, as the budget travel industry blossoms in popularity.

 (wise, blind and beautiful Mongolian woman that I met  a few years ago while visiting her communities shaman, one of my fav. photos (Sept '09)

My upcoming inspirational paperback book is looking for a publishing house. I find myself too busy cycling through Africa  and masterminding more metaphors, to look for the appropriate contacts. As I write, happy to be propped up by my sleeping bag in my beloved tent on continent number 4.

Up next is North America, where I will be making photo presentations (for donation) and speaking about the book.  Are you interested in reading the book or arranging a photo presentation? Do you happen to know of a publishing house in USA, Canada or Europe? Leave a comment below or get in touch through, FB, Twitter.  

Chewing bubble gum with Mongolian nomads as they escort me to meet a Siberian Shaman, mistaken as a porn star in the Indian Himalaya while cycling at 17,500 feet, meeting the Dalai Llama, hospitalized in Iran and spitting on camels in the Sudanese Sahara while straightening my headscarf are the funny stories of a solo female cycling around the world. Memories not often obtained while travelling for many other writers and those who have gotten too comfortable behind a desk, bus bound, Hollywood photographers.

In response to recent events, below you will find my new donation program. (A percentage of all money raised will continue to be donated towards the Bicycle Ambulance Project. The remainder will keep me and this website going as I pedal through Africa. Thanks everyone for purchasing the t-shirts, we are now all sold out. Thank-you.
$4.99 to $9.99 Thank you, I will send you a postcard, with the latest news from Africa

$10 to $29.99 Thank you, Choose your favorite photography print, samples found here

$30 to $69.99 (based on word length) Thank you. After 3 years of continuous solo female bicycle touring through 22 countries, (33,000km-at best guess), my unique travel writing has been published in 6 countries and 3 languages. Original funny articles are available on your choice of topics. They include, Budget Travel Tips, Top Gear Choices, Solo Female Travel and Safety, Budget Vacations Destinations, Planning Your First Bicycle Tour and more.


Janyis said...

Hi - I already have the T-shirt, love your website and don't need to own any part of it.... I would like to drop a few pennies in your hat but can't get the 'donate' button to work - am I pushing it wrong?!?!

Janyis said...

All good - I've managed to donate!
Take care
J x

Loretta Henderson said...

Thank you Janyis, so glad you like the website. Just logged out, will be writing a post card to someone. Try it now the button should o the trick. I'm curious how far do you pedal with the pup?

Loretta Henderson said...

Wow, thanks so much. It must of been that I was logged in!

Pavel said...

Well, I donate a modest sum ... but since I could not find a photo of you in a skimpy bikini ;) I would like to pass on receiving any of the photos. Inspired by your post I realize that I can just steal them! :)

Actually, if I may, I would like to suggest that you take whatever sliver the photo printing would burn up in profits and use it for a completely random act of kindness. Surprise someone unexpectedly with a gift! (seriously)

I really did not want a T-Shirt earlier, due the the dorky way they make me look and besides, I WANT to be able to simply donate a bit in exchange for the smiles and chuckles your posts have brightened my days with so I think this donate program is a nice evolution.

Besides -reading your blog, with its smile to line ratio, is a much better health aid than any coffee satisfaction I've ever gotten. Spilling my coffee while laughing is the only downside.


SharonHi said...

There is giving and taking. Wisdom comes when we give with discernment, no longer giving our pearls to swine.

Indeed "a nice evolution" (quoting from Pavel's comment).

Keep on.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to buy (and read) your book! Try Mountaineers Books

Will - My Spanish Adventure said...

Loretta, this is Will, I edited your piece at Vagabundo Magazine. I really love what you're doing with this site and the great cause you have running behind it. I'll be sure to tell everyone about it!

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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