Hemorrhoids and Heatstroke...Top 5 Outstanding Reasons to Cycle In the African Rainy Season

Number 5
You can cycle for days with a t-shirt shoved into your pants while hoping your now big bottom will create padding between your 3 headed hemorrhoid and your hard leather bicycle seat.

Number 4
Push the pedals up 30km hills with your blackening toenails while sweating like a hooker on a Saturday night in rain so heavy you are convinced that zebras must know how to swim.

Number 3
Enjoy camping inside a police compound as the flirtatious, intoxicated night guard named Lovemore insists on asking you where you are from again and again to only forget you have already had that conversation with him just minutes ago at 2:37am.

Number 2
After getting busted, find yourself in a debate about bush camping under a tree “technically” inside a wildlife preserve after sleeping there only because the posted price at the “official” campground seems to have inflated by 5 fold because you have showed up. Then have the once open gate locked in your face after trying to apologize and pay while holding back a long feisty sentence concerning the minimal differences between you and the many villagers who are also sleeping under trees in the immediate vicinity.

Number 1
Because it is all part of a day in the saddle of a solo female cycling around the world on a Cairo to Capetown adventure.

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Anonymous said...

#4 had me laughing my head off. I have only experienced the insanity that is Egypt. That you have taken on an entire continent of that, and not lost your mind...I marvel. Keep your head up. I'm sure there are some very lonely times. You've inspired me to embark on a very long journey one day soon.

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"

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