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"As a unicyclist for many years and someone who loves travelling, I thought it was time to explore a bit of the world alone on my only wheel. What better bait to initiate encounters with locals? Sure, it's slower than a bicycle but I'm in no rush in order to better discover, learn and think along my journey." Anne-Sophie Rodette

I connected with Anne-Sophie Rodette via twitter from Patagonia where she has been tackling the infamous winds and hills on her way from Ushuaia to Santiago, Chile.

I love that I pass for 10 years younger. By the time I finish all the places I want to go I'll be older than that! Went cycling 20 miles last week with my aunt and she's 84!! At 64 on Sunday, I might be the oldest on the WOW wall, but (WOW Women On Wheels Co-Contributor) Rachel Hugens (63 this month) is right behind me. What an honor! ….Been through the NW USA, Europe, SE Asia, and just got home from 6 months in NZ...all on Blaze, my trike” Kathryn Mossbrook Zimmerman (AKA Bag Lady, her Appalachian Trail thru hiker name)

"As a teacher with longer holidays than my friends, I started solo bike touring as a cheap way to travel and fill up the summer. After doing a couple of solo trips travelling the length of Britain and then up the River Rhine, I took a year's career break to travel some more. The pupils at my Primary School got updates from my blog as I cycled through Scandinavia and Iceland, before sailing on a Tall Ship from the UK to South America where I spent a couple of months cycling north through Patagonia. I've had many people ask if I get scared camping alone, my usual reply is that if I get scared I put my ear plugs in! I've just started back at work and desperately miss life on the road....but hopefully I am doing my bit by inspiring a whole new generation of travelers."  Alison Davies

Lots more stories, blogs and books like these on the WOW Women On Wheels Wall and Facebook Page! And check back often for the frequent updates. Also, I have completed the book manuscript and proposal, does anybody have contact info for a literary agent or publisher? It's time to get back on the road and back to writing on the website. It's winter here in Patagonia, I leave to cycle north from Ushuaia, Argentina in a couple of days...this should be interesting.....I will let you know how cycling in the wintertime in Patagonia plays out!

THE WOW (WOMEN ON WHEELS) WALL...a place to celebrate solo female bicycle touring

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