Peru...Photos and Gringos

 Absolutely beautiful kind old woman who I befriended today. She grabbed my hands gesturing hello and tapped me on the shoulder with a huge grin when I met her on the street twice today!
“Gringo (foreigner in a disparaging sense)” I hear growled  from the roadside market stand. The ladies rough holler captures my attention about as fast as the site of what she is selling at the market in Peno, Peru.  Her beige sombrero hat hardly shades her from the grouchy scowl placed across her face. 

A stark contrast to her nearby market vendors, smiling toothless welcomes. They wave their bronzed sun aged hands over their goods displaying coco leaves, dried llama fetus and every other remedy used for Peruvian traditional medicine. The locals market in which I wondering with my camera isn´t exactly in Peno´s tourist brochure.

I love this woman´s style. Notice the coco leaves stuck to the side of her face. After taking her photo, I showed her my pictures, her toothless kind energy put a huge smile on my face
“Gringo” The one woman persists and chuckles with the insistence of a harmless 8 year old school yard bully.

“Well, At least I am not selling llama fetuses…selling llama fetuses now that´s weird” I chuckle to myself as I continue strolling, my camera strap dangling on my wrist. 

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AmiiAmor said...

Lovely photos! I am curious about the age of some of these beautiful people you meet on your travels. Some of them certainly look like they have lived many many more years then many of us will. Thanks again for another great update.

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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