Insecticide and The Great Famine

I have been eating a lot of bugs today while cycling into the wind. It feels like I was peddling through a asteroid bug field. I wonder what the caloric value of insects is? I have been losing weight lately. Bug eating is something I have developed quite the palette for. Today’s diet consisted of mostly sand flies. Although, a giant bumble bee collided into my sunglasses, he looked kind of fuzzy and I bet if I had tasted him he would have had a weird texture to him. On the plus side he was a lot bigger then the sand flies which might of made him more filling. Back in Alaska eating mosquitoes was often unavoidable, they are known as Alaska’s state bird because there are so many of them flying around. But don’t tell Loretta The Chicken that, her feathers would be ruffled to be compared to such a little insect.

In Thailand insects are a delicacy. They look like cockroaches and are served either boiled or fried. In an attempt to be socialable with a new Thai friend I had met in the market we split a kilo of crunchy fried bugs. With my eyes closed they tasted like popcorn and have a certain salty pop when I crunched them within my teeth. I didn’t really want to think about it or open my eyes but I think the crunch must have been their little insect backs. Umm umm good!

I was peddling my way into the wind and through the insect show into the small town of Otematata when the bug eating began. The Town of Otematata when pronounced sounds like the song from the movie the Lion King, Hakuna Matata. I have been singing the song Hakuna Matata in my head over and over all day while peddling through picturesque rolling hills. The Lion King’s hit song, well hit song in my head that is, means no worries…. for the rest of your days, a worry free philosophy…. After having song the song in my head on repeat for 90km (60 miles), I am now thoroughly convinced that the village of Otematata will provide a “no worries” cycling experience. I know there will be plenty of snacks involved, that’s for sure. Hakuna Matata!
Tomorrow I cycle out towards the coast to camp out and look for penguins. I have been told that the stout little fellas are very hesitant to come to shore if they see any movement. They can’t waddle very fast so they are a bit shy about being on the center stage out of the water. Tomorrow while peddling I will have to cook up a stealth camouflaging plan in order to hide out and wait for the penguins to waddle in from the ocean. Thinking up a master camouflaging plan should be a great way to replace the song Hakuna Matata from waddling around in my head. Hakuna Matata!

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Unknown said...

It was fun clicking through your blog.
Now tell me, is there a gallery somewhere?
If not, you should make one.
Not enough pictures.
The world needs visualisation.

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