Nice Earrings Buddy!

The numbered earrings are a medallion warn proudly for how many cyclists she has taken out!

They have even built themselves bovine mobile carts so they can keep up. They were feeling a bit jealous of all the speedy cyclists!

Holy Cow!!! I mean who stands in the road and doesn’t move when there is a bicycle bombing down a hill straight at you? The answer to that is cows do. In South East Asia chickens, pigs and cows team up and block the roads to cyclists trying to pass. But you can’t really blame the animal folk in South East Asia, with the language barrier and all it is to be expected. The farm animals of SE Asia don’t believe in birth control so there are a lot of baby farm animals blocking the road to cyclists in that part of the world.

I have never really felt that bad for eating cows. In fact I had steak for dinner tonight. After all New Zealand beef is world renowned for it’s quality due to the free range farming practices. However, after cycling through an obstacle course of free range cows on a rural road on my way to the coastal city of Dunedin today cow seems to be heavily on my mind. I can’t say I understand cows; I am not so sure there is all that much going on upstairs. If you look really deep in their eyes I don’t think they all that bright. I guess that’s why people eat them. I am generally skived out thinking about eating dog or horse because they are animals of great intelligence. But a lot of people don’t mind eating cows because they are a few flanks short of a kabob.

The trucks on the north Island of New Zealand proved to be quite the obstacle on my cycle south from the Auckland airport and were freely given the right of way. No cyclist in their right mind is going to take on a triple length logging truck. But having to push my magic bicycle through cows because they don’t quite get it is something I wasn’t expecting. At first I just carried on and peddled through the bovine crowd but the problem with that is they get spooked and try to run into you. I swear they are saying to each other you go left and I’ll go right that’ll get her to push the bicycle and slow down. I also tried mooing at them and making fun of their earrings but they just looked at me like I was weird or something. So steak it was for dinner tonight in the coastal city of Dunedin, home of the yellowed eye penguins. A delicious steak dinner, a peace keeping and safety measure for cyclists around the world!

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