Ego On The Rocks...Top 5 Bicycle Touring Buzz Kills

There is an ego on my tail. Recently, I had the fine pleasure of pedaling for the first time in a group. One unique man decided to use me as a rabbit because I have less stuff and therefore faster. Therefore, he could stay in my wheels shadow on hills for as long as he could. Mixing egos and rabbits apparently doesn’t make for a very good cocktail.  It was interesting for the first few long days and did make for a few laughs. However, it proved to be remarkably distracting to the silent meditative rhythm and peace I usually find while pedaling up mountains. Huffing and puffing all day to someone else’s speed and rhythm is nothing more than ego madness. It is pertinent for a pleasant ride to find and maintain your own pace while pedaling.

Why do so many people become so narcissist while on a bicycle tour? Ego, ego, ego, issues, issues, issues…Granted bicycle touring does garnish a lot of attention but it is important to check in on your big fat head because you do want it to fit through the door when you get home. The occasional sing along in the mirror to “You’re So Vain” might do you some good. Also loosen the spandex it might be affecting the blood flow to other vital parts.

Poor nutrition For instance, packaged instant noodle soup is cheap and readily available in most countries, especially Asian countries. However, noodle soup lacks nutritional and caloric value. The salt content in the accompanying spice package will make you more susceptible to dehydration rendering packaged noodles soup a weak choice for cycling. Make healthy choices from the foods that are available. Rice or bread is also cheap and available most everywhere and will sustain blood sugar and energy levels for far longer, making for a happier tummy and a more pleasant ride.

Loosen The Spandex It Might Be Affecting Blood Flow To Other Vital Parts. Packing too much into the day is a definite buzz kill. 100plus km a day, 7 days a week, is not a very sustainable, enjoyable pace for a happy multi-month bike tour. Life and travelling is far more enjoyable when not stressed to maximum levels all day, every day. Stop and smell the flowers once in a while, take photos, relax and enjoy. Life is meant to be, you know, FUN!

Good Morning, Let’s Go Cycle The World. 24 hour a day map discussions, navigational dialogue and bicycle babble is energy suction and exhausting. Put the bicycle talk on lock down for at least a couple of hours a day. A positive attitude is important; however, an overly keen approach to bicycle touring will suck the life right out of the trip. Life is about balance, even on a bicycle tour. Other interests, hobbies and conversations can keep the fun up and essentially make the pedaling easier on the spirit and legs.

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