The Tibetan Camera Carnival

The Tibetan plateau is as alive as can be

Dotted with nomads and proud people to see

The Tibetans are spirited, gorgeous and photogenic

The  magic is as large as the heart can be

Camera shy they are not, willing smiles they have got

Perhaps it is all part of the international plan

After all the Dalai Lama is their man

A welcoming glow, a handshake, and a shared laugh on the go

It’s a spectacular show

Memories to cherish of a people so grand

That only the altitude brave can stand

Best be conveyed in the silence of photos

Any more of this rhyming nonsense a definite no go

Therefore, I hope you have enjoyed this picture show!


The Dirt Dude said...

Great photos. Thank you.

Feral Mike n Judy, NZ said...

We too have enjoyed the show
One picture to the next, it has a flow.
Faces reflect lives so hard
Weather beaten, proud,and so old guard.
We love your adventures, share your delights
But it looks so cold,will you be alright?

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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