Laugh Until You Bust but Pedaling In Pakistan is A Definitive Must…Top 5 Reasons To Pedal In Pakistan

Number 5. Road Side Bombs For some road side bombs and the Taliban is what is conjured when one thinks about Pakistan as a must see bicycle touring location. However, as the media drops bombs of bad news about Pakistan you can be content to know that you are part of a brave posey of bicycle tourists. Travelers, shielded by the adventurous spirit are rewarded with a hospitality that will quickly detonate any misconceptions the media has fired up about the place.

Number 4.  Karokorum Highway (KKH)  The construction of the KKH is considered to be the 9th wonder of the world, an engineering feat of friendship between the Chinese and Pakistan. Not only will you make a lot of local friends on the KKH, you will be pedaling by glaciers that touch your pedals, cascading rivers and white snow capped mountains.  I am a solo female who pedaled the KKH in a headscarf in July 2011 and the views were almost as beautiful as the people I met along the way.

Number 3. Down Hill From Here Visas are available for most nationalities on arrival at the Sost, Pakistan/Chinese border or in your home country.  The road cascades downhill from China with no real climbs all the way into Islamabad.  A lot of folks stop at Gilgit, I pedaled the final 470km of the KKH. into Islamabad on a decent half dirt, half asphalt road. I continued pedaling to Lahore and crossed into India. 

Number 2. Got To Love A Good Adventure The KKH north of Karimabad in the Hunza valley was washed out by a landslide which caused a lake.  Board your bicycle on to a boat and experience the added bonus of an adventurous boat ride with your bicycle. While peering at rock cliffs and glacier fed crystal blue water, the boat will brings you back to the main KKH road.

Number 1. Peace  Go now and hope for world peace and harmony while you are at it. The KKH is a doable bicycle tour (2011). However, cycling some parts of Pakistan remain not possible. After all my website is described as “when humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere”. That’s why, this solo female continues to cycle around the world on a magic bicycle.  

For a slide show of Pakistan and to enjoy the other new slide shows check out the

special note: (fast forward 2 months, I a posting this 220km from the Pakistan border after pedaling a detour loop of north India.  I am now on my way west back through Pakistan for the second time and into Iran)


Andres said...

I love your blog!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share!!! :)

Andres from Montreal, we met in Langkawi, Malaysia at the rainbow guest house.

Fida said...

You are truly an adventurous woman! Love to read about your adventures! Be safe!

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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