Back In My Wheels, My Hubby Rohloff Could Soften Any Heart

The creaking door swings wide on aging post office hinges that have watched closely over many a reunion. The shipping counter is cluttered with stacks of patrons; piles of invoices, blur my vision as I gaze through the distant crowd looking for my hubby Mr. Rohloff Wheel. 

Will he look the same, more importantly will he feel the same between my wheels, I wonder as he rounds the shelf and he appears before my eyes.  It is a glorious reunion, for almost a month apart, can soften any cranky soul who has longed for their partners return. Vowing to change on the parting, the impending courtship of a larger sprocket and repaired bearing on return, I can only bask in contentment of the glorious sight of a renewed relationship.

True to form, of any man longing for another ride between my wheels, my hubby Rohloff has arrived with gifts, Rohloff AG t-shirts, oil change kit, new cables, n/c sprocket change, new gear cables and most importantly a large apology, that I fully accept from the Rohlof AG Hospital for his delay. A no cost visit to Germany will certainly derail any worries I may have had about his long awaited return. For after all, even Rohloff AG hospital staff at times can make mistakes and choose ineffective return shipping options.  No more can be said, I must go, for after all it is our first night of many back together again. Updated lubrication, sexy t-shirts, a more efficient sprocket for my riding style and new cables, it will certainly be a night to remember. What will those crazy Germans think up next. Perhaps, even giving my hubby a run for his money.


DBlackwell said...

Woohoo! Go for it!
The faithful husband returns, ready and willing for an intense reunion, and to support you along all the roads of life!
Long live Rohloff!

Alistair said...

Glad to hear that you have been reunited... I am sure he will serve you well!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Total bike porn!!
Lov it! Keep spinning

Anonymous said...

I'll never look at a bike hub quite the same way. Thanks, I think. Happy pedaling.

Jen said...

Back together again! That's beautiful :)

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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