Rub A Dub, Dub, Three Guys and A Girl In A Tub...I Mean Sailboat

Ziabeschieh” Frederyk shouts through a chorus of laughter. His Polish accent is as thick as his sense of humor. Droplets of salty spray from Wavis Bay splash his brown rimmed glasses as his blue grey cycling shirt clad arms hold his guitar to his chest for safe keeping. The guitar has been Frederyk trusted companion traveling by bicycle from Poland to Africa since 2005, playing music on the streets as he goes.  

I can't believe I am learning Polish swear words while getting soaked in this dingy” Billy bellows aloud, his South African Afrikaans accent compliments the laughable profanities. His leatherly brown shoes cling to his wet cotton socks as the waves splash over the bow. “Ziabeschieh...F#ck y'ah” Billy translates as our well provisioned vessel to cross the Atlantic disappears into the mist with the last of the afternoons sunshine. The 48 foot steel yacht named 'This Side Up' will wait on anchor for our return from a visit to shore.

Niemo problemo, no problem” Frederyk laughs again as the Captain, leans on the throttle in a fruitless attempt to hurry the small engine into the oncoming winds. His white blonde long hair frames his youthful hardly wrinkled 60 year old face. He gleefully grimaces into the chilly wind. A grandfather of 14, father of 5 and a Harley Davidson rider turned around the world world sailor the Captain is a veteran to adventure.

The choppy waves lap over the air filled gray dingy walls. The wooden aged dock on shore is in plain site. White Namibian flamingos stand watch, their delicate legs stand knee deep in water. They watch and wait, peering out to the Atlantic as we make our way to the sandy shore.

I am trucked tight, crouched with my feet firmly planted on the bouncy dingy floor, wedged between the throttle arm and Frederyk warm back.

You make a fine wind break Frederyk, Ziebeshiah” I giggle as I raise my dry arm and pat Frederyk on the back.

Niemo problemo” Frederyk says.

The dingy bounces to a halt at the dock with the Atlantic crew of 'This Side Up' smiling and swearing in polish. The first of many adventures to come with the May 27th departure for an Atlantic crossing beginning with a 10-14 day sail to Saint Helena.

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Mummsy Jacq said...

Loretta, I hosted Rafeal in Underberg. He sang for us and took our hearts with his rendition of What a wonderful world. What a lovely, lovely person.

Skalatitude..."When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere"
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