Sailing The Atlantic...This Side Up.

I was wearing full condom holding AK 47 in Poland military” Frederyk explains as he motions his calloused hands to his torso, his veteran guitar player hands gesturing that the term 'full condom' used by creative English speakers means full body protection. His freckled bare arms sway with the boats rocking motion. His cycling tan has faded and has been replaced by developing sea legs. The ocean swells heave the boat from side to side as the hours pass. The crew and captain of 'This Side Up' have been living together at sea for 148 hours.

As we pass the prime meridian line, the south Atlantic's cascading swells and the boats beautiful polished wood interior are the perfect backdrop for telling stories, old and new. A perfect way to pass the time between the cooking of meals in the adventurous galley. Where dangling a spatula in one hand and trying not to fall on your head swaying on the rocky boat is all part of novel nautical nourishment.

How do you like your eggs Captain?... I can't promise anything?” I ask almost rhetorically from the small cubicle galley. The special boat stove sways on it's hinges as the vessels rounded haul shimmies over the 3-4 meter S. Atlantic swells. I'm feeling more like a inhabitant of a gravity free spaceship than a sailboat as I sway uncontrollably with a hot frying pan in my hand. That counter top is probably more decorative than functional right now as a place to put anything I think to myself. As a plateful of my invention, indo-guaco-eggs takes flight from the kitchen counter at full speed. It splats egg chunks, and smears avocado pieces into the floor. “Ten second rule”, I hear Billy and Frederyk chuckle almost simultaneously with understanding, for we all have been taking turns cooking meals on board the bouncy vessel.

As long as it has been on the floor less than ten seconds, it's ok to eat?, Ten SECONDS? How about ten MINUTES! I think to myself.

No, I'll eat it” I say laughing as I lean over digging the greasy spatula into the mess on the teak floor. I am still laughing at how hard it is during the big swells to stay upright in the kitchen galley. The Captain bruised ribs are a testament to acrobatic balance while rocking at sea. As well as my back roll over the table with a miraculous ass over tea-kettle soft landing into a cushioned couch. All part of life on board the boat named 'This Side Up' as we approach Saint Helena, our first stop during the Atlantic crossing.


Anonymous said...

As ever brilliant and funny :)


RobL said...

Go Girl and the guitar player.

acid mustafa said...

Now a boat journey. Nice

G.W. said...

One hand for the boat and one hand for yourself.

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