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The laptop is broken, I am grateful for this public computer and the ability to post updates from my samsung gallaxy smart phone but it is limited in terms of photo posting etc. But, what better time to start a new section on the skalatitude website, I thought to myself.  I am calling it Blitz Blogs. Here is today´s ´blitz blog´, (a cross posting from facebook)

Blitz Blog #1: October 28th, 2013
So, my breaks were literally smoking in the Andes mtn. pass, then I busted the cable on my Rohloff gears and then cycled into town on one gear. But, today’s been a great day...for 9USD I found somebody to fix everything FOR me. The last time I made the cable repair myself, re-feeding the housing on the gear shifter took 7 hrs and made me cry...9USD, 2 hrs. and no tears...whoop, whoop! And, yes I have become a proud old cycle lady who occasionally prioritizes efficiency over doing it myself these days.

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