Tread Marks Of Experience….Have You Ever Cycled Through Pooh?

Winnie The Pooh was a mighty fine bear

I will venture a dare and say without a scare

That at times when the toilet paper was rare

Even a pooh bear may have gotten some on his hair

Bring in a tire with tread so thick that gooey excretion

Couldn’t possibly justify the need for bicycle tour completion

We all have goals of which to stay true

But geez’ people even cycling through pooh?

Dogs do there do-do, cow’s patty the fields, how could we not bring shields for feces

While longing for rare spotting of some exotic species

Sewage systems are so lacking, it send me out of India packing

Indonesia is no different for PVC piping is utterly inconsistent

New Zealand cows squat wherever they may, as I pedaled by thinking get out of my way

Experience it all is, for I will not pout, for in the end, it is what bicycle touring is all about

How about you, ever cycled in pooh, I’d love to laugh at you too

Comment you might , no need to have fright

Fill the box, it's got to better than cycling into the ass end of an ox

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Tom Bartel said...

I was going to say, that's some funny shit, but don't know if that word is allowed here. Guess I'll find out.

Loretta Henderson said...

Shittity prickety....yeah I think the word qualifies as PG-13. LOL

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading this post I thought:silly her.But at the end I think it's funny.You are a good writer...

Anonymous said...

And I must ad:that first snap is pretty good...

Anonymous said...

Did you ask this woman for permission APOSTOLIC first, before taking her photo?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about extra word in there. I'm definitely not a robot.

But I remain curious about whether or how you obtain your subject's permission before taking his/her photo?

Loretta Henderson said...

Yes, I asked her. I then went and visited with her and showed her the photo. She asked me to take more of the baby, so I did and we looked at them together. I usually hang out with people and take photos.

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