One, Two, Three, Sleeping With Little Ole Me…What Tent Should You Choose For Your Solo Adventure?

“Hyena misses, no camp, hyena misses no camp here” The sound of a dozen local Ethiopian villagers permeate the barrier of my tent wall.  The sun has just set and I have moments ago jumped inside, through one of two spacious doors.  “Hyena misses, hyena misses, no camp here”. 

People have gathered in a curious huddle to have a look at the surprise visit from a wonderful tent popping up so quickly on their village border, a green and grey tent that I call home. A mountain hardware 2.1skyledge, purchased last x-mas onsale for $196. Equipped with wonderful camouflaging colors for hidden freedom camping, blending unnoticed in to most environments.

 “Hyena Misses, no camp here”, their heartfelt concern is as insistent as my laziness to relocate.  My little tent home will set up and pull down very quickly and free stand just about anywhere. However, regardless of the giggling locals and the great point they are making, I have a feeling I might just make it through another night camping solo in my designed for 2.1 person tent home.

For good measure, I put my xx-L knife named Willy, in one of the oversized strong mesh pockets that line the walls. My small flashlight dangles over head, clipped securely to the overhanging storage area while my pannier rests with loads of room by my feet. “Hyena Misses, no camp here”, I zip back one of the sturdy zippered doors, I thank them for their near teasing concern, and say goodnight.

As the stars bounce forth from the setting sun, I roll back the rain fly and peer up through the almost 360 degree view from beneath the rounded octanguliar skylight. From inside my tent home, I listen to the tranquil sound of African magic resonating from my MH skyledge 2.1 stout 2 1/2 poll free standing design.

Morning comes after another tranquil night of peaceful sleep on top of my sleeping pad with Pandemic The Magic Bicycle parked in clear view in front of the screen door. I pack my beloved tent home perfectly into the bottom of one classic Ortlieb pannier. I wave good morning to a gathering crowd of villagers and pedal off to greet another day of lightweight bicycle touring in Ethiopia, Africa.

Special note: I am unsponsored by MH. However, if you remember to shop at through this website, it will not cost you anything extra. The small percentage (2%) I receive goes towards the bicycle ambulance project and website maintenance.


Anonymous said...

Loretta, you manage to earn enough from amazon to pay the bills I guess.
Have you ever flown home during the 3 years on the road?
Where do you get so much confidence... and fearlessness?

Loretta Henderson said...

Hi, yes I spend two months will family x-mas before last. I am overdue for another visit. Funny thing is there is not much to be afraid of. Most of the people in this world are pretty cool,or at least I think so.

Pavel said...

A quick follow up post would be much appreciated - to relieve anxiety. I'm worried the hyaenas visited in the early morning!
Do they make any lion/hyana proof tent fabric? :)

Loretta Henderson said...

Haha, all is well. There are some hyena issues but that night, those folks were mostly joking with me.

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